Retail Security Systems

For many years, the TAGMAX team have been providing retail security systems to help protect retail outlets of all shapes and sizes. Not only have we helped to design comprehensive systems to provide the highest levels of protection, but we are also able to supply and install these solutions.

We understand how the criminal mind works, and our security systems are designed to not only to catch the criminal in the act, but also to deter the theft before it occurs. By including visible security within your store, as well as more subtle solutions, you can make the most of a comprehensive security system to stop theft and protect your employees and your customers.

Innovative Retail Security Systems

Here at TAGMAX, we know how essential a great security solution can be to any kind of retail business. That is why we are constantly working to improve and evolve retail security across the country, by providing comprehensive solutions which take full advantage of a range of different features.

Security Gates

As part of our retail solutions, we are able to provide both visible and invisible security gates to detect theft. The several models of gate that we can provide are suitable for different kinds of product. Whether you're selling soft goods like clothes or harder products like electronics, we can help you to detect and prevent theft from your retail outlet.

Underfloor & Concealed Door Systems

As well as visible security systems, we can offer underfloor systems to provide comprehensive coverage of your entrance/exits. The design of your retail store is more important than ever, particularly when it comes to attracting customers into your outlet. If traditional security gates look too forbidding or unwelcoming to your customers, then underfloor solutions are equally effective but you lose the deterrence aspect of a visible security features.

You can also take full advantage of systems which are built in to your entryway's frame, meaning that your door itself can act as a sensor to prevent theft.

Security Tags

Protecting your products from theft is absolutely essential, and security tags are an extremely rewarding way of doing so. You can apply these features to clothes and other soft items to remove the desire to steal these products. If someone tries to forcefully remove one of these tags, then the product itself will become damaged, making it worthless to steal.

CCTV Solutions For Retail

By including video surveillance into your store design, you can prevent opportunistic thieves from stealing. For many years, our team have been providing high-quality closed-circuit television services to businesses of all kinds, and we know how to make the most of CCTV cameras to prevent theft and anti-social behaviour.

TAGMAX: Protecting People, Products And Profits

Here at TAGMAX, we are proud to offer a range of comprehensive retail security systems to ensure that your outlet is a safe and secure place for customers and staff. We can help to eliminate anti-social behaviour and prevent theft of all kinds of products.


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