4 Advantages of CCTV For Schools And Colleges

Posted on 16 Mar 2018
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CCTV can be utilised in many different environments, including areas for education such as classrooms and playground areas. Indeed, there can be many advantages of CCTV for schools and colleges.

4 Advantages Of CCTV For Schools And Colleges

The Tagmax team has lots of experience with regards to installing surveillance systems and as such, we understand the advantages utilising CCTV systems. Typically some of the ideal points for cameras can be corridors, staircases, and other public areas. Here is a list of four advantages for using CCTV in areas for education.

  • Deterrent Against Vandalism
    Schools can be victims of vandalism in many forms. For example, vehicles belonging to teachers and/or other members of staff could be vandalised by students or other members of the public. Another example of possible vandalism in an educational environment could be graffiti created by students. This could be in playground areas, in hallways, or even in the classroom itself.

    CCTV cameras would allow staff (if monitoring the CCTV cameras) to spot acts of vandalism whilst they are in progress, if the act is filmed by a CCTV security camera. However, if the cameras are not monitored, CCTV can still be used to react to vandalism. Indeed, if for example a piece of graffiti is discovered, the CCTV footage can be watched and this could potentially result in the individual who is responsible for the vandalism being identified.

    It is also worth noting that the presence of a CCTV security camera could be a powerful deterrent against vandalism occurring. So perhaps by installing a surveillance system in an area you would like to protect such as a staff car park, you could reduce the amount vandalism occurring.
  • Protect Against Unauthorised Intruders
    If you are concerned with regards to unauthorised intruders entering the school premises, CCTV cameras can be a fantastic security solution. Sadly intruders can be a serious issue for schools, as without security systems an intruder could potentially enter the school premises undetected. However, with CCTV you could monitor people who enter the school area and share information with teachers or security staff.

    Also, similar to the point above regarding vandalism, the presence of CCTV security cameras could act as a deterrent. Indeed, perhaps a security solution that includes the use of CCTV could be a powerful tool to deter unauthorised individuals from entering school property.
  • A Powerful Anti-Bullying Tool
    Unfortunately bullying is a serious problem at schools and colleges. Did you know that “More than 16,000 young people are absent from school due to bullying"? [Source org.uk]

    Indeed, bullying is a major issue for schools and colleges, however perhaps CCTV could help. Some would argue that one of the reasons why bullying is difficult to stop is because it often occurs in areas without teachers or senior pupils (such as prefects).

    If a school uses CCTV cameras, perhaps some students may be discouraged from bullying others in an area with a CCTV camera. However, if bullying does take place, CCTV cameras could record the events taking place and be used to identify the individual(s) who is/are responsible.
  • Useful In Emergency Situations
    CCTV for schools and colleges 
    could also be used during emergency situations such as an emergency evacuation. For example, if a school has a large number of monitored CCTV cameras, a fire could be noticed by somebody monitoring the cameras and the fire alarm could be raised.

Should An Educational Environment Such As A School Or College Use CCTV Cameras?

The use of security cameras in educational environments such as schools or colleges can be a controversial issue. Some would argue that the use of CCTV could be a powerful deterrent for both criminal activity and incidents of bullying in the school. However, others may be concerned about the use of cameras and children feeling uncomfortable being watched. Additionally, many pupils and parents may also be concerned about the use of any data collected from CCTV cameras.

However, an appropriate approach to CCTV can be very useful in school and college environments. Indeed, the ATL says that, “It is unrealistic to expect there to be no use of surveillance CCTV in school grounds and buildings."

So if you are interested in professional CCTV security solution for your school or college, get in touch with the Tagmax team today!

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If you would like more information regarding a CCTV security solution for your school or college, or any of the security solutions that are available from Tagmax, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. The Tagmax security experts will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

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