Several recent news stories have highlighted the increasing importance of CCTV in the world of Football.

CCTV Helps Curb Football Violence

Why? Because in all cases, CCTV is being used to identify and arrest fans deemed instrumental in the violence. Arrests in these situations can often be difficult, and CCTV allows police to analyse footage of the incidents over and over again.From the rioting caused by Newcastle fans following their defeat to Sunderland (made famous by the sight of one Newcastle supporter punching a police horse), to Millwall fans turning on one another following their defeat in the FA cup semi-final, to the recent violence seen at the Scottish youth cup final between Celtic and Rangers fans, violent incidents at football matches are a reminder of the importance of CCTV.

Tagmax might not specialise in the CCTV monitoring of football matches/crowds, but we do specialise in IP CCTV systems, security tagging and CCTV systems for shops and restaurants.

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