Here at Tagmax we endeavour to supply only the very best (and latest) in retail security equipment, giving stores the peace of mind that their business will be sufficiently protected. Recently, our CCTV systems suppliers Hikvision have released an updated surveillance camera solution that provides a whole new world of benefits to the user, by creating more-clearer, in-depth images and taking up less storage space than ever before.

The New H265+ Surveillance Camera

After previously developing the first ultra HD surveillance camera, Hikvision quickly realised that due to the enormous transmission bandwidth and storage space required today, stores have been slow to adapt to the technology. It's because of this issue that Hikvision developed the H.265+, which offers a better balance between the required bandwidth and storage space, making for a more effective product.

“This technology is an intelligent proprietary technology based on the H.265 standard. We optimised it especially for the surveillance video application. H.265+ is able to even further decrease the bitrate of the surveillance video so as to reduce the bandwidth and storage cost"

“What we see today is that high-resolution cameras are only used in specific situations. That does not diminish the value of the H.265+"

- Tonko de Wit, Product Marketeer for Hikvision Europe

For many years, the original H.264 system supported the surveillance needs of many businesses but today, we have experience advancements in technology that has forced us into looking at new features that can make a hugedifference in the effectiveness of our security systems. Today, most CCTV systems have a video resolution of 2MP (full HD) which the existing H.264 carries out perfectly. Recent advancements however, have seen dramatic upturns in the depth of the resolution to an impressive 12MP, which offers an ultra-sharp picture of anything it captures. Carrying this resolution, the brand-new H.264+ is able to balance the depth of image along with the bandwidth it can transmit – what's more is that Hikvision have already developed models that can capture pictures at 24MP, with the H.264+ able to potentially upgraded to 33.2MP's, offering a long-term, cost-effective security solution.

Hikvision's Live Showcase

In order to demonstrate the advantages of their new camera encoding technology, Hikvision undertook a test that saw two of their cameras filming in a 1080p (High-definition) resolution, along with a framerate of 25fbs. Two test environments were chosen; a cafe and a street crossing, testing three different situations in both environments, making for a total of six combinations to test results for. The basis of the test was to compare the instant bitrate under these six combinations to determine whether the system can reduce its bandwidth, whilst still sending a better quality of image. The decrease in bandwidth from the current H.265 and its predecessor, the H.264 is 47.8% - whilst the new H.265+ offers a decrease rate of an average of 83.7%.

In order to estimate the storage capacity needed over 24 hours, Hikvision calculated the amount of bitrates required to record for two periods of the day (day and night, both for 12 hours), with an added 'moving objects' calculation added to keep the sum more realistic. For the cafe monitoring tests, the size of a 24-hour file size of footage captured by the H.265+ offered an 82.5% decrease. Whilst monitoring the street for 24 hours, the file size captured by the new system saw a 79.4 decrease – proving that the new H.265 system is a vastly superior upgrade on the current system.

With the advantages of being able to record higher-quality footage that requires less storage space and offers a long-term cost-effective security solution, the H.265+ is here to stay.

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