Once considered as a mere tool of fiction, artificial intelligence is fast growing in our society. We're not talking about robots performing all of our vital tasks just yet – but you must have heard about Amazon's 'Alexa'? Or Google's 'Home'?These are 'home assistant devices' that work with wireless internet connections to perform small tasks (such as finding information, playing music, turning on the light etc) so the householder doesn't have to spend time and effort in doing it themselves – freeing up their time and concentration to do something else.

These developments have led to many security camera companies to research how AI can help to improve the effectiveness of their own products. As the abilities of the average security camera have vastly improved within the last two decades alone, it isn't too much of a push to say that we could see AI incorporated within security cameras sooner,rather than later – but how can it actually help to make the operation of a security camera better?

How AI May Help Security Camera Companies

Surveillance footage is a great security tool. High-definition images, especially, give us a clear insight into an incident as it occurs. It'sat its best though when the operator is able to quickly identify these incidents from the hours of footage they've got. Without any clear indication of precisely when the incident occurred, the operator may have to spend large amounts of time in reviewing the footage, costing them time that could be spent doing another crucial task.

There's also the tracking aspect of security cameras to think about. If an incident does occur on the premises or in the locality, CCTV can be used to track any assailants and help local authorities to apprehend them. You have a rough description but you also have to switch between cameras just to pick a face out of a crowd– that task already sounds extremely difficult for an already-under pressure operator.

The Latest Developments In AI CCTV

The wait for both security camera companies and their customers could be over though – thanks to AI.Technology is being developed that will allow cameras to identify any incidents, effectively 'bookmarking' them for the operator to see. In terms of tracking, camera researchers based in India have told New Scientist magazine that they have created a system that allows for quick and easy identification of people in security camera footage, using simple text-based descriptions. The system will allow for the user to enter in details of the persons they wish to track (height, hair colour, clothing etc)and using AI, the system will scan through footage (live or recorded) to find people matching that description.

Previously, we've blogged on a similar system that has been developed by the Japanese telecom giant, NTT East and security camera provider, Earth Eyes Corp, who have teamed up to create and test a new camera that uses AI to scan live video streams,estimating the body positions it can see. It has been created to both identify persons of interest, as well as to prevent crime before it happens (the body positions refer to the performance of what is deemed 'suspicious behaviour').

Whilst it may be a few more years yet before AI CCTV becomes commonplace in our society, these developments are encouraging to learn about for businesses who are looking to improve the security of their properties, as well as to streamline their own operations.

You don't need to wait for that future to appear to let security camera companies improve your protection,though – with many businesses out there still using outdated CCTV systems,there is a wide range of benefits that you can glean from the latest HD,wireless, AI software-compliant security systems. If you run your own business and need to improve your security, why not get in touch with the experts here at Tagmax?

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