When you hear the words 'theft' or 'shoplifting' your thoughts may immediately go towards the products that are stolen and the resulting profit loss. The other side of theft is a dark one that may not be considered when we hear the word – aggression against staff who try to prevent it from happening.

In their annual crime report, the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) revealed that there were over 13,000 (reported) violent incidents in stores last year, a significant rise. In this blog, we're going to look at the report in detail and underline just why a security camera installation is an important part of the modern retail store.

New Crime Statistics – Making A Security Camera Installation A Must

In the report, the ACS explains that shop theft remains the most costly type of crime faced by retailers – and is a growing problem. In another report, this time by The Office for National Statistics (published in September 2017), they estimate that there has been an increase of 10% in reported theft incidents, whilst the Home Office have said that they believe that shop theft accounts for 67% of crime undertaken in the retail and wholesale sector.

Regardless of the numbers, the report by ACS empathises that shop theft provides retailers with a physical and emotional cost – aggression against staff has been rated as the number 1 concern of the businesses they surveyed. Dealing with those people suspected of stealing is the main trigger for violence and verbal abuse within shops – the ACS estimate that 39% of violent incidents may result in injury to staff.

In order to better protect staff, a number of measures that can be taken include making an investment in training, the procurement of professional security personnel or even the installation of things like protective barriers. In truth, there is no 100% guarantee of safety in such situations; all that can be done is to ensure that as many preventative measures are put in place as possible. As such, the only way to boost the effectiveness of these measures, as well as to gather admissible evidence, is through a high-quality security camera installation.

CCTV Cameras – A Preventative and Evidence Gathering Measure

It can be said that modern CCTV cameras provide somewhat of a deterrent for those with intentions of doing harm to the store and those people within it. Able to capture images in clear high-definition, most people will be fully aware of their capabilities and so when their attentions are brought to the fact that the store possesses such devices, they may curb their behaviour.

However, most crimes will happen 'in the heat of the moment' – and when they do, evidence will be required to identify the perpetrator and the nature of the incident that they've created. This is when the CCTV system is able to carry out its primary function of recording what has happened – and who is involved.

Further into their report, the ACS recommends that your security camera installation must:

  • Provide high-quality images of everyone entering the premises and the area around the till.
  • Be able to monitor/record at a rate of six frames a second and that recorded images are of the same/similar quality to live images and have a time and date encoded.
  • Identify the 'most important' areas of the store and the viewing angle and lighting are all beneficial to capturing good images. Important areas of the store are generally considered to be those that contain particularly high value/popular products, but this by no means uniform for all stores.

Improve Your CCTV Installation With Tagmax

If you need to improve your current CCTV infrastructure to better protect your staff, as well as the stock of your store(s), then the team here at Tagmax can help. Throughout the last 2 decades, we have been creating security camera installation networks that have helped our clients to create a safe atmosphere within their stores, giving staff the confidence to go about their work content in the knowledge that they are literally being looked after.

Our work has seen us install a whole network of cameras for some of the largest names on the high street. However, even anything as little as a single HD camera can help to make a huge difference in the effectiveness of an existing camera installation. Working with the existing network, they can act as a conduit, providing high-quality images of the key areas of your store. With their abilities able to provide a stronger security presence, the initial outlay will pay itself back extremely quickly; making them a cost-effective purchase. Why not get in touch with us to learn more?

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