Can you think back to your first ever time using a computer? (A question more for the oldies, really). No matter if you can't, you've probably heard the old adage that the system does 'only what it's told' – the technology is only as good as the person operating it. If that tech is a security camera installation , the more attentive the operator is, the more effective the system will be at detecting, monitoring, tracking and preventing incidents.

It can be easy today, what with artificial intelligence starting to grow in its influence within our society , to be laid-back and just rely on the functions of the system to do absolutely everything. Whilst tech makes running such systems easy and automatic, they still need to be ran – given the right instructions to go about their work (just like people, in that respect!)

If you're looking at improving your CCTV infrastructure, we've put together some tips on keeping on top of your security, getting the best out of it so that it does the job it has been designed to do, rather than leaving you a constant victim of crime.

Keeping On Top of Your Security Camera Installation

  • Undertake regular audits of vulnerable areas . Giving thought to which areas of your premises are the most at-risk will help you to understand the rates of crime that currently exist and once the security camera installation takes place, how they have been affected by it. Undertaking regular audits of the areas from then on will help you further to understand how and why crime takes place – and how it can be further reduced. Discussing this with CCTV experts will be a good start.

  • Training staff . It can be easy to assume that operating a security camera system is about watching a screen and doing the odd bit of rewinding and fast-forwarding – the reality is very different. For a start, operators must be aware of the different laws and regulations that govern the use of CCTV , as well as having a high level of expertise in using the camera's various options. Ensuring that you and your staff are fully-trained in operating the system (as well as undertaking regular refreshers) will help to make things run smoothly.

  • Vandal-proofing . Who watches the watchers? As the vast majority of people will know the effectiveness of modern HD CCTV to record crystal-clear images, they are aware that going through with any nefarious intentions in full view is extremely risky. So instead, they are either deterred (which is the most common reaction) or they'll try to find a way around their 'predicament'. This may involve some 'intelligent methods' – or some not-so-intelligent methods, such as vandalising the camera. So ensure that your security camera installation is vandal proof – put protective coverings around them or place the cameras high up so they cannot be reached. Also, make sure you constantly check on your cameras for any signs of physical damage – something you could combine with your regular audits.

  • Have adequate lighting . One basic issue that causes theft to occur even if there are CCTV cameras in place, is that the area isn't lit sufficiently. Ever taken a photo or video in the dark with the flash off? The picture never comes out well, its features unable to be made out. Ensuring that the cameras are aided by light will further help to provide a deterrent, as well as giving it the opportunity to monitor/record exactly what is doing on.

Those were just four simple tips for building owners on how to get the best out of their security cameras. Ultimately, it is through a constant commitment to your cameras that will see you get the best out of them – why not get in touch with the security experts here at Tagmax to learn more?

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