Recent research – and some not-so-recent research – suggests that UK retailers have some of the worst levels of employee theft in Europe. It is a problem that costs the UK retail industry millions year on year.


Unsurprisingly UK retailers have strict protocols in place to prevent employee theft, and a zero tolerance policy towards employees who breach the terms of their contract, and abuse their cash and stock handling responsibilities.

However, this approach is a potential minefield if an employer finds themselves in a situation where an employee needs to be dismissed. A number of factors can often lead to employers paying compensation to ex-employees for dismissal over theft, and there are a number of ways to prevent this.


A robust anti-theft policy is all well and good, so long as it is communicated effectively. This starts with training, and ensuring that all employees are made aware of employee theft policy and the consequences of a breach of contract are made explicitly clear to employees. You will one day need to prove that an employee was made aware of all policies and regulations.


Once you've 'set out your stall' regarding employee theft, the management of employee theft protocols is vitally important. Any suspected breaches need to be extensively investigated, and appropriate action must be taken regarding suspicious behaviour or incidents. In a tribunal you will need to prove that you investigated the situation before dismissing an employee.

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