Many of Tagmax's customers, such as Boux Avenue and Agnes B, require the installation of our most discreet security tagging systems and CCTV cameras. Both stores use our 66Khz Loop security tagging system, which is virtually undetectable and, through the use of small clothes tags, does not interfere with the product when it is being tried on. It's all very 'MI6'.

4 of the best Bond-esque surveillance gadgetsSo between that and James Bond's success at the Baftas last night, we got thinking about the best surveillance gadgets available on the market right now.


What is it with spies and timekeeping devices? If a HD, night vision, video-recording camera/watch isn't enough, you can monitor your house by installing a clock which doubles as a fully-functioning surveillance system.


This not-so-normal phone is more for stalking rather than surveillance, but Blackberry (or Android/iPhone) owners beware: your phone may not be what it seems. It looks, feels and acts like a normal phone but is installed with technology with can track all calls and text messages, as well as the location of the phone at all times.

Spy Pen:

This pen looks just like any other ordinary pen; however in true Q-branch fashion, there is more to it than meets the eye. It may not explode or fire lasers, but this device has a 2.8mm wide-angle camera, a memory card slot, and a microphone.

So while Tagmax may not specialise in the installation of faux-clocks, watches and pens; it does have several customers making use of similarly discreet retail tagging and retail security technology. For more information about all of our security tagging and IP CCTV systems, head over to For more blog posts like this one, and for information about our work with leading retail chains, check out our blog at

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