Alternative uses for CCTV

When you hear 'CCTV', you immediately think of 'security'. CCTV systems have a number of different applications, from monitoring retail establishments, leisure facilities and hospital through to historic sites and nightclubs. However, the versatility of CCTV allows for some unusual and unexpected applications…


Nature documentaries are well-known for breath-taking, and often very rare, shots of animals in their natural habitat. However on occasion some exotic locations are far too remote for filmmakers to reach, and there are often situations too intimate for a camera crew to intrude upon.

In these cases, production teams have turned to CCTV to get the shots they need. Wildlife documentaries have filmed the birth of animals such as Gorillas and Polar Bears using unobtrusive infrared CCTV cameras, and have mounted cameras to model helicopters in order to get the shots they need.

Furthermore, zoo and wildlife park staff use CCTV in order to monitor animals when they are in need of constant supervision as a result of illness or labour.


In a sport where the smallest of errors can lead to potentially fatal accidents, the safety of Formula 1 drivers and personnel is understandably the highest priority. It is unfortunate that throughout the sport's history, it has often taken a major accident to force a re-evaluation of driver safety. In 1994 the death of Ayrton Senna forced engineers to actively reduce the speed of the cars. In 1974, the near-fatal crash involving Niki Lauda, in which Lauda suffered severe burns, prompted greater track surveillance. CCTV cameras now monitor specific areas of Formula 1 tracks in order to speed up emergency response times.


Understandably a human cannot film inside an industrial-scale oven, so bakeries have begun turning to CCTV as a way of monitoring the production process. Problems with this process can lead to damaged goods which can subsequently hinder the business' production, delivery and sales. Inserting CCTV into this process allowed management to identify and rectify the problem.

Tagmax specialise in revolutionary cloud-powered IP CCTV, security tagging and CCTV camera installation for the retail industry. The versatility of cloud-based CCTV allows for a wide range of applications, from the traditional security-centric uses through to in-home surveillance or some of the more unusual applications listed above. But whatever you decide to film, Tagmax provides a flexible, secure, efficient way of managing it.

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