As a business owner I'm sure that you are aware that managing a chain of restaurants or franchisees can be a huge juggling act.

Unable to physically be at all locations at the same time can prove to be a frustrating issue amongst business owners with several properties. How can you monitor all companies at the same time to make sure that everything is running smoothly?

Restaurant CCTV Systems

What about CCTV?

Existing CCTV for restaurants is so limited. It records what is happening, but for you to see it requires visiting the branch to recover the recording and then searching to find the material of interest.

It would be great if your existing restaurant security cameras could also become a completely proactive monitoring system. One where you could, on your PC/Mac or mobile device, have live access to any of the cameras in any of your branches, whilst at the same time creating a HD security recording (subject to camera type) of the day's events.

Smartvue – Providing you and your business with a whole menu of options

With Smartvue from Tagmax, you can. Smartvue uses industry standard IP CCTV systems that harness the power of the Internet to be both a security and a remote monitoring system. Smartvue gives you fantastic options to manage your branches remotely, including:

• Monitor opening and closing times

• Check overall restaurant and staff presentation

• Observe Hygiene practices in the kitchens

• Ensure team service for consistency and adequacy of training

• Observe customer flow and identify serving bottlenecks

Best of all, it's fully scalable so can grow with your success, up to literally thousands of cameras!

How does it work?

Smartvue is simple to install. Your restaurant CCTV security cameras are automatically configured and connected to a local Smartvue hard disk recorder and hub. This is connected to the Internet through your broadband connection and can be securely addressed using any web browser. The optional Cloudvue remote video monitoring software integrates all this into an easy to use package.

Here at Tagmax we also offer Sharevue as part of Smartvue. This allows you to collect and store records of video events securely and cost-effectively in the Cloud. You can view, zoom-in and even add comments to the HD video clips, and then share them with others, including the Police. There is also Commandvue to give you complete management of the CCTV systems themselves.

So, if you run a single restaurant or a whole chain, Smartvue can give you control and peace of mind. Tagmax and Smartvue – Restaurant CCTV for security and remote live monitoring – all on one plate!

For more information on Tagmax or any of our Cloud IP CCTV Systems or if you wish to enquire about our Restaurant CCTV Systems please visit our website and receive your instant quote today

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