The Christmas and New Year sales are (almost) over, and whilst a busy store is a sight that is certainly welcome for retailers, offering them a great opportunity for an increase in profits, an increase in visitors may mean that they could also suffer from an increase in profit-affecting theft – shoplifting is historically more prevalent during the season , after all.

To battle against this potential loss, many a retailer will employ a number of security strategies – including a security camera installation . Able to monitor and record images of key areas of a store, CCTV systems have become vital in the practice of evidence gathering and surveillance. As time has gone by and technology has improved, so has the effectiveness of cameras – helping storeowners to retain better-value security.

If you've been thinking about introducing brand-new cameras to your store for 2019 and beyond, how can you be sure that it will make for a good investment? Being a leading CCTV provider with over 20 years of experience in creating retail security infrastructure, we're on hand to offer our advice.

The Year-Long Effects of A Security Camera Installation

Aside from the ability to better monitor those who enter the store (andeverything within it), here are some other effects that a security camera installation can have on a business:

  • Better in-store atmosphere for customers . Whilst the quality of the products (and the perceived value of them) provides an attraction for customers to go in a certain retail store, it's what they experience inside that helps to encourage them to keep returning. Any retailer that doesn't employ robust security methods will leaving themselves open to crime. If that is indeed the case, it will create a reputation that will only attract those with intention of doing the store harm, and keeping the genuine customers out.

  • Improve customer service . The monitoring abilities of HD CCTV can also be employed to monitor areas of the store that would benefit from a stronger staff presence. This will allow customers the opportunity to ask for assistance, without having to look around the store for an available staff member.

  • A great place to work . Any business is only as good as the staff who work for it. Whilst the retail industry is known for its high turnover of staff, firms who strive to maintain a more longer-term workforce are more likely to foster a great in-store atmosphere and camaraderie. This can only leadto better teamwork and more effective customer service. With a security camera installation making the store a safeplace to work, staff will feel confident about their roles, that they can go about their duties, offering their great customer service skills without having to worry about constantly looking out for shoplifters.

  • Raise productivity . Modern cameras can be used by employees to understand how their time is spent during their working day, highlighting areas of improvement and improving their general productivity.

  • Provides real-time data . Knowing precisely how many people are in the store isn't just important to measure against the capacity of the building, it also allows the business to understand how effective their store is at its primary aim; selling. Statistics such as conversion rates can be calculated through the amount of people who enter the store, against how many people who make actual purchases. This 'people counting' can be achieved by a modern security camera installation and computer software, showing that security cameras, are not just for security .

Improve Your Retail Security With Tagmax

If you've been thinking about improving your CCTV security in 2019, then why not get in touch with the experts here at Tagmax? Our time in the industry has allowed us to build up relationships with some of the leading security camera manufacturers in the world . This is how we're able to offer the latest in HD camera technology that will make a difference to your security and the general operation of your store(s).

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