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Retail Security In 2020 ThingsTo Consider

As time moves on and we enter another new decade, it's important not to be complacent in your security. So here is a quick list of three things you need to consider when improving your store security for the new decade.

The Threat Of The Internet

The internet is a wonderful place that brings people from various different communities together, however just like many other illegal activities, there are shoplifting communities on the internet where people who shoplift share advice, information regarding defeating security systems, and there are many websites which sell de-tagging devices that allow you to remove specific types of security tags.

As such, retail security and shoplifting prevention is a constantly evolving and adapting industry with techniques and products being developed to combat the changes in behaviour of those who wish to steal from your store. With specific regard to the threat of de-taggers, we recommend two products in particular. Either scorpion tagging systems, in particular their Pin tags, or discrete adhesive security tags combined with other under-floor form retail security where the discretion and subtly of the security system may catch a would-be-shoplifter off guard.

Take Advantages Of New Technology


As time moves on thieves find new creative ways to foil security systems, so it's essential that you keep up to date with the latest innovations and iterations of technological theft prevention techniques. For example, one issue with anti-shoplifting technology is that during busy shopping times, it's possible for shoplifters to avoid pedestals without attracting the attention of a security guard. Technological advancements have provided a superb solution for this issue, the digital loop system. In this security system, the 'pedestals' are swapped for a system with a concealed antenna. Typically speaking, this antenna would be concealed in the doorway; thus preventing potential shoplifters from sneaking around gaps in the pedestals. Additionally, for further discretion the receiver antenna can be sprayed to match the colour of the door uprights, providing a near seamless security display.

Another great technological solution to issues caused by shoplifters comes from Scorpion Tagging Systems and their lanyard tags. Like other security tags, the scorpion lanyard tag will set off an alarm at the point of the store's exit, when it is taken through a field of monitoring. However, it is specifically designed to protect merchandise that you wouldn't want to place a pin through. The lanyard provides protection in multiple different ways; firstly the lanyard itself is secured in a very strong loop with a resilient locking mechanism. However, if the cable is unscrewed or cut by a shoplifter, the transmitter will still activate, offering additional protection. Finally, this lanyard cable is replaceable in the event it is damaged; providing long-term cost effective security solution for merchandise tagging.

Don't Rely On CCTV Alone

CCTV can be a superb tool to help you combat shoplifting, but it's not a silver bullet. Installing security cameras wont magically prevent product from being stolen from your store. After all, for all their many advantages, CCTV cameras can have blind spots, experienced thieves can hide their faces and make sure that they are as unrecognisable as possible, and if a thief managed to leave without raising the alarm, searching for them in security footage could be very difficult indeed.

As such, it's important that you do not solely rely on security cameras, they are a powerful tool yes, but it is important to incorporate them in a wider security plan. For example, when used alongside security tags, you can check footage at the time of the alert to find the individual(s) who stole items from your store, instead of combing through footage from the entire day. Another addition to improve the effectiveness of your security cameras and security tags would be the inclusion of measured markers. These will be very valuable inthe event that a shoplifter manages to escape, as the measured markers will enable security staff or those watching the recordings to be more accurate in their estimation of the suspect's height. This will not only help describe an offender when seeking prosecution, but it also provides a valuable deterrent, after all it's not unreasonable to suggest that a would-be-shoplifter could see these markers, and decide against stealing from your store due to the security precautions.

Retail Security Tagging FromTagmax

Our team of retail security specialists strive to source the latest design and most innovative products manufactured from around the world. We areextremely proud to say that our security tag solutions are invaluable to some of the UK's leading businesses and retailers. In fact, Tagmax are one ofthe UK's leading providers of retail security.

Our security and loss-prevention team are here to ensure that your business can protect its employees, customers, property and profits. So if you would like advice or have any questions regarding the security solutions that are available, our team of experts will be happy to help you identify the product that best meets your business' needs.

So, for more information, or to take advantage of our loss-reducing security solutions, don't hesitate to get in touch with our professional team of security specialists on 0800 044 3160.

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