It feels like every other week that major technology companies are releasing 'the next big thing'. Every month (almost) Apple host events announcing their latest products. In October the world was treated to the launch of iPhone 5, and expectations are high for imminent events and the announcement of Apple TV, the iPhone 5s and a new iPad. Similarly, Samsung recently announced the launch of the Galaxy S4 (much to the chagrin of this writer, who only recently upgraded to an S3!).

Google glassOne of these revelatory releases was Google Glass – announced by Google last year – the 'augmented reality' technology for which represents the future of CCTV and retail security.

So what is augmented reality (AR)? Augmented reality is defined as a live view of a real-world environment, but with elements that have been augmented by computer-generated input such as sound, graphics, GPS data or haptic feedback.

From a CCTV and retail security perspective, AR technology – and Google Glass in particular – represents the ability to access security images anywhere due to the fact that the technology is worn by the user. Because of this, cameras will no longer need to be in fixed positions, and centralised recording stations will be obsolete.

Potential security applications would be the ability for CCTV installers to find the best location for cameras, as well as roaming real-time CCTV surveillance. Last year, staff in a Parisian McDonalds restaurant assaulted a US tourist who was using computer glasses and accused him of filming them. Steve Mann (a professor at the University of Toronto) wasn't filming, but ironically it was their tampering with his glasses that caused it to start recording. The whole incident was subsequently recorded.

A biometrically-focused approach to CCTV and surveillance is becoming increasingly common. In the United States, Behavioral Recognition Systems, Inc. have developed a surveillance system capable of recognising human behaviour. The technology is able to identify certain behavioural traits, track movements, and can differentiate between humans and animals.

Despite these technological advancements in CCTV systems for shops and restaurants, the future of CCTV is already starting to become a reality.

IP CCTV security is incredibly versatile in that is gives operators immediate access to surveillance footage anywhere with an internet connection. Smartvue

It is secure and eliminates the need for expensive, space-consuming central CCTV stations.

Tagmax recently entered a partnership with Smartvue, one of the leading Cloud IP CCTV security systems, to provide simple, secure and cost-effective video surveillance that can be monitored online with the Cloud.

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