Restaurant security is a key concern – especially as restaurants handle a good deal of cash and credit card transactions on a daily basis. Without the correct security measures, a restaurant is at greater risk of a break in, theft or other security breaches. Whether its staff theft, violent customer behaviour or correctly closed security shutters, you want to be sure that your restaurant is as safe and secure as possible.

Restaurant Security with Smartvue CCTV

This is where Smartvue come in. Smartvue CCTV for restaurants from Tagmax offers you an unparalleled range of security benefits over existing limited restaurant security cameras.

How can an IP CCTV System benefit my business?

Smartvue uses IP CCTV systems that harness the power of the Internet. At each branch, your restaurant CCTV security cameras are connected to a local Smartvue hard disk recorder and hub. These connect to the Internet through your broadband connection, and each can be securely addressed using any web browser.

From this you get live access to any of the cameras in any of your branches, viewable on a PC or mobile device. At the same time, an HD security recording (subject to camera type) of the day’s events is ‘in the can’.

So what are the Top 5 Benefits you say?…

1) Central monitoring – see the live view from any camera, in any branch, at any time

2) Staff theft – Monitor for staff theft from stores or till

3) Branch Security – Out-of-hours monitoring, ensure staff apply security correctly – shutters, alarms, etc.

4) Customer behaviour – record threats to staff and anti-social behaviour

5) Sharing Information – Supply vital video evidence directly to the police within minutes with the Sharevue option.

What’s Sharevue?

Smartvue option, Sharevue, allows you to store video events securely and cost-effectively in the Cloud. You can view, zoom-in and even add comments to the HD video clips, and then share them with others, including the Police.

Any other Smartvue features you need to know about? Why yes…

Smartvue comes with other options to maximise the benefits from your security investment:

Cloudvue remote video monitoring software integrates all your restaurant CCTV monitoring into an easy to use package.

Commandvue – gives you complete management of the restaurant CCTV systems themselves.

Tagmax and Smartvue serve up security for restaurants, giving you control and peace of mind.

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