Theft in retail stores is not only responsible for a large amount of profit loss, but it can also degrade the businesses' reputation. A shop that was once seen as offering its customers 'a safe shopping experience' is now seen as 'insecure'; an easy target for shoplifters. These are the very reasons why any retailer must think carefully about its security.

Whilst different types of security cameras have existed for around four decades now, it could be the case that a store (still) isn't protected, orany existing system has broken down or is well-past its best. CCTV installers are able to provide store operators with a wide range of benefits in an effort to keep genuine customers in, and crime out.

In this blog, we're going to take a look at the benefits of modern security cameras, summing up why any business should consider making use of them.

How A Business Would Benefit From CCTV Installers

Here are some great reasons why any business, no matter their size or type, should consider installing a security camera system:

  • A great deterrent against crime . Whilst the obvious role of any CCTV security camera is to record and monitor the area it has been assigned, another big role it plays is offering a deterrent against crime occurring in the first place. In general, shoplifting is carried out by opportunists – if they see anopening to take something, they will. Having CCTV installers implement a modern security system in a store will close that opening, at the very least making the potential shoplifter think twice – in this case, they'll be less likely to go through with their intentions.

  • Insurance reduction . Whilst, in many cases, insurance is a necessity, the costs of protecting property and/or stock can vary wildly – dependent on the various security factors of the location. With the installation of a modern security camera, an insurance company will feel more inclined to offer reduced rates. Their business lies in minimising risk and if the retailer can demonstrate they have taken steps to safeguard their store, the insurance company will feel confident that they may not have to pay out, relaxing their fees as a result.

  • Provides peace of mind. No matter how hard we try, we cannot have (human) eyes watching over everything all of the time. With a security camera able to constantly watch over the property, this will provide peace of mind to the operator that everything is protected. Even if the operator is busy, has to be away from the property or has multiple stores to monitor, the latest IP camera networks can provide the ultimate peace of mind by transmitting images to any internet-connecting device – desktop PC's, laptops, tablets, mobile phones etc. The ultimate flexibility.

  • Staff and customer safety . Naturally, the occurrence of crime will lead to worries about their personal safety, especially for staff who may have to intervene in anyincidents that occur on the site. Having CCTV installers implement a system is a great way of ensuring that everyone on the premises is protected, which would further help to increase a positive atmosphere. This is ideal to keep dedicated staff members happy and have genuine customers returning.

  • Sure-fire evidence provision . Last (but not least), any security camera that records at a decent quality will be able to provide concrete evidence of any incidents that occur in-or-around the property. So if the business were to fall victim to a crime, the very least they would have is some usable evidence for the police (and eventually, the courts) to act upon.

Those are just five great reasons why any business should consider a modern security camera installation. If you run your own business and are thinking about making use of CCTV installers to help you to achieve your aims, why not get in touch with experts here at Tagmax?

Protect Your Store, With The Latest HD CCTV, From Tagmax

Here at Tagmax, we are leading security camera installers who in the last 20 years have been assisting retailers in creating bespoke security camera networks that have made a huge difference to the security of their stores.

During our time in the industry, we have seen the capabilities and the functions of the average security camera change – from wired networks that could only record standard-definition images and send them to local storage devices, to today's wireless networked cameras that are able to produce high-definition pictures, stored securely on the virtual cloud.

We can say with some confidence that there has been no better time to upgrade any existing security cameras you may have – any investment you make will pay itself back extremely quickly.

To learn more about our service, or to discuss more about how we can help you to realise your ideal security set-up, please feel free to get in touch with us today. You can call our expert CCTV installers on 0800 044 3160 or you can send any e-mail questions to

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