If you are a retailer reading this article, you will know that one of the most crucial metrics you need is your conversion rate; the amount of people entering your store to those that leave having purchased a product.

If you compare your visitor count to your sales you will quickly work out how many people are buying from you. One retail group, who we worked with recently, quickly realised that more than half of their visitors were not buying anything.

Looking at customer traffic flow also helped them realise that they had too many staff on at quiet times and not enough staff on when it was busy. They set about realigning their staff roster. Staff were then targeted to focus more on customer service and good old fashioned sales skills. Sometimes just sparking up a conversion and getting to know a customer can convert a browser into a buyer. Sales are now on the up – thanks to the ability to mine this data!

Do you know how customers flow through your store?

When customers enter your store, it's important to know where they go, how they behave and where they dwell. It's good to know if the store layout works, if certain areas are more appealing than others. It's also paramount to be able to physically measure the impact of changing the store layout to see if it improves sales conversion.

Heat mapping is now an accepted theme in retail – but how many retailers are using it? The cost of implementing this kind of analytics in-store is often expensive and can put retailers off implementing it. Well not anymore...

Tagmax are now offering additional benefits to our CCTV install offering. Using our latest range of Hikvision NVR's you can now have people counting added through the new Hikvision people counting camera. The dual lens enables the camera to create a three-dimensional image of each object. The innovation mainly lies in the camera's capability to map the height of a person on the Z-axis, thus excluding any confusion with, for example, shadows or objects, such as baby carriages. Other features of this system include:

  • The plug and play camera can be powered directly from the CCTV recorder and requires just a single Cat 5 cable, making the install nice and simple.
  • The camera count and data can be accessed in a number of ways – directly through the NVR, the free IVMS 4200 software or direct from the camera via it's IP address.
  • The count can be displayed as a graph, bar chart or a simple hour by hour count, via an excel spreadsheet. Count in and count out or count passersby. All data can also be recorded in a 'no-nonsense' format.
  • We are also now installing the latest Hikvision 360 fisheye cameras, both 6Mp and 12Mp. Loaded with an SD Card we can not only generate wonderful 360-degree views of your store but offer you the added benefit of heat mapping for free!
  • These cameras can be installed using one CAT 5 cable from the camera to the recorder and in most cases, the camera can be powered from the recorder or the switch in your IT rack.

Quite simply, by installing such a CCTV system, you will have people counting and heat mapping all in one package.

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