After what seems like an absolute age, us battling wintery and wet conditions, the warmer weather has finally arrived which will place many people's thoughts to spending more time outside the home; whether its holidays, meals out or shopping trips, there's plenty to see and do for when the summer rolls around.

For the retailer this is great news – not only does warmer weather tend to get people out and about, it brings them into their stores and away from the internet. However, even they cannot be there all of the time. This is where a security camera installation can help to look after things.

For When We're Not There – How A Security Camera Installation Can Help

There was once a time when CCTV cameras, though extremely useful in understanding what was occurring in different areas of a building, were very static in their abilities. In order to view the right images, the user had to be present at the location and rewind through hours of videotape just to be presented with pictures that at most of the time, were a challenge to make out.

The passage of time has helped to change this 'classic perception', however. Aside from modern CCTV being able to capture images in high-definition, they are able to be stored on a digital media either on secure storage or virtually, on The Cloud. This gives the user the ability to access these images (live or recorded) from anywhere with an internet connection. What's more, they can select the particular time and areas that they need to see, on their computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

This flexible usability is a hallmark of modern technology; a security camera installation allows retailers to shape their working days to how they want them, instead of them working around the limitations of the operation. As such, this will give business owners an opportunity to get the most from their business; going about tasks that would have otherwise have been neglected because the security aspect took up so much time. Today, they do not even have to be present at a single location in order to view what is taking place in their store(s) – opening up a multitude of benefits.

The Benefits Of Modern Remote CCTV

If you're searching for a new security camera installation yourself, here are a just a few of the many other benefits provided by modern CCTV:

  • Build an effective network – Perhaps one of the best aspects of a modern CCTV installation (aside from its image quality and flexibility) is that they can work alongside existing CCTV. This is especially helpful if you have an existing network in place that has served you well and are simply looking for a high-quality camera to work as a conduit between them.
  • Ease of use – It can be easy to assume that something that possesses so much flexibility can be difficult to master the use of. In fact, with CCTV, the opposite is true. No expert knowledge or training is needed to operate and use a camera with remote capabilities – this will help you to quickly get used to the system and to experience its great benefits immediately.
  • Lack Of Lagging The images are being sent over the internet, they'll be so far behind, right? Nope, the bandwidth used by a modern security camera installation is designed to ensure that the pictures you see on your remote device aren't lagging far behind of what is currently incurring in your store. Ideal if you need to act on any immediate incidents.
  • Cost effectiveness – The cost aspect of such a great system may be thought of as being high, but it really isn't. Any great service is able to pay itself back extremely quickly. With so much flexibility, picture quality, scalability and secure storage capabilities, a modern HD security camera will pay for itself in almost no time at all.

Improve Your CCTV Security With Tagmax

Having been involved in the retail security industry for over 20 years, we can say with some confidence that there has been no better time to invest in a security camera installation for your business. It isn't just security that CCTV can help with, of course, they can also help the business to better understand how their store operates, producing analytics and statistics, such as footfall rates. Why not have a look at our blog on this very subject to learn more?

During our time in the industry, the team here at Tagmax are proud to have built up a number of relationships with some of the most innovative CCTV manufacturers in the world. As such, we are able to offer a range of high-quality HD CCTV systems that will give you full control over the security of your retail operation. Why browse our CCTV pages for more information or get in touch with us to learn more?

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