In today's modern world, we are able to take advantage of a plethora of new technologies that make implementing security measures much easier for retailers. In addition, they can also help to push their brands to a wider customer base. As an example; the qualities of a modern CCTV installation to record in high-definition, along with an ability to connect to the internet at high speeds, can help a business to better understand the performance of their stores. This can include people counting, to the effectiveness of product displays, to even sending staff to areas of the store that most need them.

The need for our technology to be flexible, adaptable and customisable is a trend that is fast becoming the norm. Being able to shape technology to our requirements is how we can guarantee that each and every one of our requirements is met. This is something that isn't true of older, less flexible technology.

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The Trouble With Outdated Technology.

Aside from the sheer qualities that new security technology has over older types, there has also been an increased need for it to be more easier-to-use, as well as to integrate within any current system or environment it needs to be present in. The trouble with older technology is that it simply does not possess the same number of abilities, making them insufficient in today's world. Whilst a 15-year-old CCTV camera can successfully perform its job in recording images, the quality will be poor, it will be stored on physical (often unreliable) media and it will need to viewed on-site. These are all aspects that are rendered redundant by more-modern systems.

In terms of adaptability, newer tech can be integrated with any existing systems, making for a more cost-effective security solution. As an example, our own EAS security tags can be used with existing alarm systems but thanks to their abilities to send signals at an increased frequency, they provide better, more flexible security. The same can be said CCTV cameras – IP CCTV can link up with existing cameras to create a network that will better monitor and record any areas of interest. Getting the best out of new and old technology simply offers the best way in which to run as cost-effective an operation as possible.

Why Retailers Need To Think About Updating Their Security.

The issue of shoplifting and its impact on a business has been perfectly illustrated in the accompanying infographic. With figures such as UK retailers losing £337m on an annual basis, you can see why losses through theft is of a grave concern.

One major aspect as to why shoplifting is on the rise is because perpetrators recognise the likelihood of them getting away with goods is high because the security measures taken by the retailer is lax. Whether it's the lack of any visible security teams/equipment or old, outdated technology, a store that doesn't set a secure, modern image will be liable to be stolen from. Once word gets around, how long do you think it'll be before the store gains a reputation as 'easy to steal from'? This reputation will only lead to a rise in thefts and a downturn in customers, concerned about their security in-store. This is unless steps are taken to improve.

How Can Tagmax Help You To Improve Your Retail Security?

Being one of the UK's most experienced retail security providers, we find ourselves in a unique position when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of new technologies. Teaming up with some of the industry's leading manufacturers, we are able to implement systems that will not only help to improve your security, safeguarding your products from external AND internal theft but also to produce real-time statistics that can help you to better understand your business.

As part of our services, we are able to offer retailers the peace of mind that modern, security installations can bring. These include:

  • CCTV Solutions. Able to record in high-definition and the ability to save or stream live and recorded footage to a wide array of devices (including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop PC's etc) our CCTV solutions are able to provide comprehensive security for any size of business. Whether you need a single camera or need to create a new network (or even to refresh an existing one) the wide array of abilities that these cameras can perform will meet each and every requirement that you have – and more.
  • Security Tags. Attached to merchandise and designed to be sensed by an alarm system that monitors an area near the entrance/exit of a store, shop security tags have become a vital tool to aid the security of a wide range of retailers. Of late, we have introduced our own Scorpion™ brand of security tags that are able to be sensed up to 20 metres away from the system
  • Analytics. It isn't just security that a CCTV camera can be used for; working with analytic software, cameras can help retailers to better understand the effectiveness of their store. From counting the number of people who enter during the day, calculating it against the actual amount of sales; other areas of the store can be monitored in a similar way too. This ultimately presents the business with the means of putting in place improvements to garner more sales.

High-Quality Security, From Tagmax.

Looking to take advantage of the benefits that modern security equipment can bring to your retail operation? No matter the size, requirements or budget of your business, we are able to implement a system that is able to protect and even further increase the effectiveness of your store.

If you need more information on our services, or just on retail security in general, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today. You can give us a call on 0800 044 3160 – alternatively, you can send us an e-mail at

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