If you're responsible for the security of a public building, then it's likely that you've already got a security camera installation in place. Able to monitor key areas, they are handy to have if you need an added level of security when nobody you trust is around. However, even if you have existing CCTV, can you be sure that it's providing a good enough service?

Considering upgrading your CCTV security could prove to be a difficult decision – not only is there a monetary cost to consider, your existing network may have served you faithfully and you've grown used to its operation. So why should you invest in a more-modern CCTV installation?

In this blog, we're going to look at just that – the issues of older systems, when compared to the latest CCTV cameras.

The Issues With Older Security Camera Installations

The first aspect that springs to mind when talking about older types of CCTV, is the difference in the quality of the images. Analogue CCTV is classically portrayed as producing grainy images that aren't able to be zoomed into sufficiently to make out any clear details. With high-definition being very much the standard when it comes to our home televisions these days, the same 1080p resolution images that produce sharp, crisps images (also offering a deep level of zoom) can be created by modern security camera installations.

Then there's the coverage of the camera – many older types of CCTV have a field of vision that creates blind spots, giving a lack of sufficient coverage to certain areas. Modern designs are able to produce wider angles, have a greater amount of manoeuvrability; some are even designed with 360° vision.

Recorded images need a place on which to be stored. Throughout the years, older types of CCTV have kept their images on anything from videotapes to DVD's, memory cards and hard disk drives. The quandary thrown up by these is that they are physical media and therefore, will always be susceptible to breakage, mislay and theft – they also take up storage space themselves. A modern CCTV installation can make use of an internet connection to store its HD images on The Cloud; a virtual drive that can only be accessed by the user, whenever they need it. Not only are you able to protect the images and save storage space within the office, you'll also be able to store a multitude of footage – which isn't always possible on certain types of storage, which has a finite limit.

Finally, there are potential maintenance costs to consider. Older CCTV generally requires more regular servicing, which would drive up time and costs spent in their undertaking. It isn't just the cameras and their storage devices that need maintenance, but older analogue systems generally need a more complex cabling system and components in order to operate. On the other hand, a modern security camera installation is less dependent on a network of cables and therefore, there is less need for maintenance – also meaning that there will be less of a chance that things may go wrong in the first place.

Upgrade Your CCTV System, With Tagmax

If you're looking to improve your security camera installation network, then you've found the right place here at Tagmax. For over 20 years we have been supplying the latest in CCTV security to individuals and businesses throughout the UK. By working with some of the most well-respected innovators within the industry, we are able to present a diverse product range that can be adapted to whatever requirements you or your building may have.

When it comes to establishing a more robust CCTV network, even a single HD CCTV camera can make a huge difference; working with your existing camera, they can provide a high-quality conduit for your existing cameras to flow through. This means that you only need to invest in CCTV for the key areas of your building – and with the many benefits outlined here, it's likely that the initial outlay you make, will be quickly paid back.

If you would like to learn more, why not get in touch with our security experts today?

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