No matter the time of year, shoplifting offers a real danger to the operation of a retail business. Aside from the loss of profit ( a £613m loss was reported at this point last year ) shoplifting can also provide a negative atmosphere in-store for staff and customers alike. Another problem that shoplifting presents is the creation of a negative reputation for the store, which will keep genuine customers away and perhaps invite in even more ill-meaning people who are intending to inflict further damage upon the store. With such issues in mind, many retail operations have turned to using modern security devices, such as concealed door security systems , to help them to protect their stores, improving their atmospheres and reputations, ultimately helping the businesses to progress.

Here at Tagmax, we have been providing retail security equipment and devices to a wide range of retailers for well over 2 decades now. Keeping up with the latest changes and trends in the industry over that time has given us a unique knowledge of the industry and how each device we retail can help to reduce and prevent crime from affecting a business. Aside fromour door alarm and tagging systems, we also retail the latest in CCTV and analytical systems that are designed to offer both a security solution and a tool to use to improve the business.

What Are Concealed Door Security Systems?

Installed at the points of an exit of a store, concealed door security door systems are designed to sense products that have been electronically tagged. The type of tagging can either be a visible tag, designed to offer an additional deterrent or a tag that has been concealed. Whenever the tag is taken through an area that the system monitors, an alarm system will be activated, alerting the store of the fact. Tags can be deactivated at the point of purchase, so whilst there may be some genuine accidental cases when tags are taken through, the store can ensure that the system runs as effectively as possible.

The Benefits Of A Concealed Door Security System

Offering an effective aid in preventing shoplifting, here are the other benefits that a concealed door security system has on a store:

1. An effective security solution. First and foremost, it's understandable to think that something that has been concealed won't have the same impact 'above ground' than something that is already there. The truth is that a concealed security system operates just like other visible security systems, as it's able to monitor the same areas and sense tags in the same way. The only real difference is that they're hidden!

2. Creates more room in-store. Whilst the visible pedestal security systems provide an effective deterrent, they do take up much more space around the store's exit – space that some stores can't afford to lose. Due to the nature of being 'hidden', a concealed door security system is able to installed discreetly within walls and under floors, without taking up the additional space that is required by a pedestal system.

3. Creating a relaxing atmosphere. For many people, shopping can be a somewhat stressful pursuit – especially around Christmas or at any sales events – so creating a positive in-store experience is a vital aspect that many retailers spend a lot of time in getting right. The sight of a visible security system, though vital, has the potential to make genuine customers feel uneasy and a slightly awkward (especially if the security systems stand out amongst any displays the store may have). Being able to conceal a security tagging system will both provide a sufficient security measure AND help customers to feel relaxed, as they traverse the store, admiring the displays.

4. Keeping the existing aesthetics of the store. As mentioned, visible security systems have the potential to stand out amongst the aesthetics of the store, providing an unattractive clash. In a purely aesthetic sense, with a concealed alarm system, you can keep the look and displays of the store intact, without having to change anything.

5. Creates a welcoming entrance. Speaking of aesthetics, one of the most important aspects to get right with the store's look is creating an entrance that is attractive enough to draw customers over the threshold and into the store. With many stores already pushed for space, sometimes a visible security system by an entrance provides a cluttered look that isn't attractive enough for the custom to be drawn into the store. A concealed system offers the ultimate balance between providing a warm and inviting space, but also provide a secure one.

Keep Your Store Safe With A Concealed Security System

At Tagmax, we are proud to have seen that our concealed door security systems have made a real difference to the security and atmosphere of the stores of the many retailers who we've worked with.

If you would like further information on concealed door systems or any other of aspect of our retail security services, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 0800 044 3160. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to

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