If you've ever walked around a big retailer, you'll have noticed that the most-expensive goods are electronically tagged. From clothes, to beauty products to even alcohol – anything and everything can be tagged. Normally, products that are tagged include the common-most items that are stolen, expensive itemsor items that require a proof-of-age. They are tagged, simply because security tags and accessories provide a simple solution for businesses in their attempts at making their stock more secure and their stores safer to operate in.

How security tags work

Put simply, electronic security tags and accessories are designed to track when a product has been taken through a barrier. They can be placed on the inside or on the outside of a product's packaging, so when a shoplifter steals an item and passes through the security barrier, a product that has been tagged will set off an alarm, alerting you to the theft. The barrier constantly sends out a signal, looking for the tags – so when one passes through it immediately knows this.

The tags are able to be detached or deactivated at the point of purchase, meaning that your genuine customers won't be exposed to any potentially embarrassing situations as they leave the store. Security tags have proven be an effective way of stopping thieves in the act – and have even worked as a deterrent against potential theft. Tags are used on almost any type of product, from clothing to glass bottles to boxes; their current use in retail businesses of all sizes shows how effective and affordable they are.

5 Great Benefits of Security Tags

1. Affordable – Able to be purchased in bulk for low price, security tags provide an obvious cost-effective solution for retailers. When related to the amount of money that you could potentially lose through theft, then the overall layout of a security system will seem very little in comparison.

2. Easy and quick to use and attach – As part of the excellent features of a security tag is that they are very simple to fix onto a wide range of items, but extremely difficult to remove without a deactivator.

3. Easy to deactivate – A deactivator is able to remove a security tag in seconds – cutting down on the time in which your customers need to wait for their products.

4. Provides staff and customers with some peace of mind – The last thing you want to worrying about is yet another aspect of your already-busy job. With security tags and accessories you and your staff are able to concentrate on other jobs, safe in the knowledge that any attempt at theft will be detected. Your genuine customers too, will also be reassured that they are shopping in an environment that isn't likely to be infiltrated by thieves.

5. Reliability – Security tags are extremely strong and/or durable and can't simply be removed without using a deactivator. Thankfully too, the devices will only set the alarm of the barrier off if it's ever taken through there – so no surprises will sound throughout the day, nor (due to nature of the barrier sending out the signal) will the tags will NOT work when they ARE taken through the barrier.

Protect your store with Tagmax

Here at Tagmax we have a wide range of security tags and accessories that are designed to protect your stock and ultimately, your business' profits. Affordable, easy-to-use and extremely reliable, there has never been a better time to implement security tags on your products.

For more information on this or any of our other retail security systems services, please don't hesitate to call our friendly customer support team who will be delighted to assist you on 0800 044 3160 or e-mail us at sales@tagmax.co.uk

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