Retail businesses make obvious targets for criminals by their very nature of selling products that people want. It's because of this that as a retailer, you must be aware of the threat that shoplifting and general theft has, not just on the profits of the business, but also on the general safety andwellbeing of staff, customers and the building itself. A great way to combat these issues is to install security system installations, such asCCTV cameras and tag alarm systems.

At Tagmax, we have been retailing the very latest in retail security technology for over 20 years now. Our longevity in the industry shows that we are constantly aware of the changing trends, not just in terms of technology, but also the changing landscape of the retail environment and the potential of crime that may affect it. Aside from CCTV and analytic systems, we also retail tagging systems that are able to sense tags that have been attached to products, offering an effective way of ensuring that your store is alert to any potential shoplifting incidents.

Putting in place an effective retail security plan

Putting in place an effective security plan will allow for your retail operation to:

  • Reduce shoplifting/general theft.
  • Protect the premises from break-ins.
  • Protect staff and customers from violence.
  • Run the store as cost-effectively as possible.

With those points in mind, here we'll look at the aspects that make up an effective retail security plan.

1. Do an assessment. Any plan will first need to take stock of the environment that the operation will need to exist in – failure to account for, say, the amount of space available will cause long-term issues in not just the security of the building, but also the general day-to-day running of the retail operation too. Ensure that all aspects of what you're aiming to implement within the store abide by health and safety laws and of course, be able to effectively achieve the aim that you have set out.

2. Using video surveillance. Yes, CCTV systems have been around for many years now and the vast majority of retail stores will have them installed – but are they able to sufficiently capture images so their features can be made out, even when zoomed into? The classic cliché when it comes to CCTV images posted in newspapers or on television in the past was that the pictures are too blurry; this is a problem that plagues many old analogue systems. Today, we have the luxury of being able to use high-definition, digital CCTV cameras that aside from being able to capture crisp, clear images that can read even the finest of details from a label on a shelf, the images can be stored offline or delivered to a cloud storage system that can be accessed by the user from anywhere, at any time.

Installing a modern system is only part of the job though – have you made concessions regarding its use? As you construct your plan, make sure that you are able to place cameras in areas in which they are able to effectively monitor the store.

3. Securing the building. It isn't just shoplifting that accounts for losses through thefts of course – even after the premises is closed for business, the potential of theft still exists. Ensure that all potential entry points to the building, windows or doors etc, are securely locked with modern devices that abide by the British standard. Other aspects that you will need to look at are monitored alarm systems, security lighting and even alarms under counters that are able to protect staff in the event of a disturbance in the store.

4. Research employees. Whilst we'd like to trust everyone, unfortunately the reality can be very different – employee theft is rife in the amount of losses that a retail business suffers , year-on-year. Taking the time to check references and getting a better picture of a potential employee's background may prove to be a time-consuming process, but ultimately it may save your business from losses. Placing CCTV cameras around the store, especially in places in which they can see the areas in which staff work, will not only give genuine workers an added comfort of safety but also discourage anyone else from indulging in theft.

5. Protecting stock. As we've covered already, tag alarm systems offer a great way in which to ensure that you are aware if any of your stock is taken out of the store without being deactivated by a specialist tool. Whilst accidents do happen (the failure to detach tags, for example) by working in tandem with modern CCTV images that can be played back, you can identify if the incident was a genuine purchase, or not.

6. The usage of security staff. Dependant on the size of your store, you may already be employing security staff to monitor, detect and prevent any thefts or any other disturbances within the store. Although using security systems will be a great help to security staff and in some cases, may render the need for specialist staff to be employed, redundant, even in smaller stores, training staff to look after the security of the store and the systems present, is vitally important.

Tag alarm systems from Tagmax

Being leaders in the nationwide sales, installation and services of retail security equipment, including tag alarm systems, we are able to advise retailers on how to get the best of their store when it comes to putting in place an effective security plan. Able to effectively detect whenever a tagged item has been taken from your premises – many stores have found it to be the perfect shoplifting solution. For more information on this or any of our other retail security systems services, please don't hesitate to call us on 0800 044 3160 or e-mail us at

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