The busy Christmas period can be both a blessing and a curse; to get so many people in their stores, a retailer has the better chance of increasing their profit margins. Then again, a busy store could potentially provide a magnet for thieves – they'll see popular stores as being sellers of items that people are interested in and their busy nature also means that their staff will be busy too. Easy pickings you might think? Not with security systems such as EAS security tags in place.

Designed to track whenever the product it's attached to is taken through the field of monitoring of a EAS system, EAS security tags are nothing new in retail. In fact, if you're a retailer, you may already employ them within your operation. However, many older types of tagging systems may be outdated or simply not functioning as well as they used to. Not only can modern EAS security tags provide a better range of tracking, they also provide better security against them being detached anywhere other than at their point of purchase.

EAS Security Tags: A Great Solution To Shoplifting.

An EAS security system (installed close to the entrance/exit of a store) sends out a signal within its given field of monitoring, effectively 'looking' for tags that are taken through. Able to placed on the inside, outside or on products, when the tagged product is taken through, it sets off an alarm, alerting your staff to a possible theft. We say 'possible' as there may be a genuine reason why a tagged product is taken through – usually, it's because the tag hasn't been deactivated/taken off the product when purchased.

Here, we'll look at the main benefits of using modern EAS security tags:

  • Cost-Effective. As EAS tags are able to be purchased in bulk for a relatively low price, they provide a somewhat cost-effective security solution for retailers. When you think about the amount of money that you lose through theft without them – or the cost of taking on extra security personnel – the initial layout for the tags will pale in comparison.
  • Provides A Deterrent. Perhaps the biggest effect that EAS has on a potential shoplifter, is placing a deterrent on them stealing anything in the first place. If anyone with nefarious intentions enters your store, then they're far more likely to steal expensive products that have no visible signs of security. Place a tag on one and they'll think twice – more often than not, they'll abandon their plans. If they do go through with the theft regardless, then you'll have that secondary measure of tracking them.
  • Quick and Easy To Use. One of the greatest aspects of EAS security tags (aside from their ability to track the products they're attached to) is that they are simple to attach – yet extremely difficult to remove without a genuine deactivator. More-modern security tags will have a secondary alarm system too – so if they're tampered with in-store, in an effort to remove them, it will alert your staff right away.
  • Reliability. As EAS security tags are difficult to remove, they provide an extra level of durability, if say the product they're attached to needs to be moved. Added to this, is the usability of the tags – they can be used time and again and still provide the same level of monitoring ability and durable strength when they're removed, re-attached and moved about.
  • Gives Reassurance and Promotes A Positive In-Store Image. When staff start work and genuine customers navigate the store, they all want to experience a positive existence. Using such security measures will not only give your staff the confidence to go about their jobs, not worrying about constantly keeping an eye on everyone who enters the store but for customers, they will feel that the store is a safe space and has taken measures to prevent anything untoward happening; giving them a peaceful environment to shop in.

Looking To Protect Your Store From Theft This Christmas? Look No Further Than Tagmax.

For the last 20 years, the retail security experts here at Tagmax have been providing a whole host of retail security solutions to a vast range of different outlets. Our experience in the industry should go some way to explain how we're able to offer the utmost service to our clients – we endeavour to enter into partnerships with some of the industry-leading manufacturers to bring you some of the best-performing retail security devices available anywhere.

Therefore, no matter if you're part of a big retail chain with numerous stores to fit out, or a new start-up looking to protect its vital products, we can assure you that we are able to bestow a safe and secure environment on your store – saving you the undue worry of experiencing profit loss through theft.

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