Over the years, the team here at Tagmax have implemented a wide range of security solutions for an even wider range of different business operations and public institutions. Whether it's anti theft device for shops, CCTV for pubs or tagging systems for warehouses, we've been there and done it all.

As a result of our experience, we are able to put in place a fully customisable security system that not only considers the products that need to be tracked, but also the size and layout of the building. Even the mood that the retailer wishes the store to set to its customers can be helped with the usage of different security systems.

Our work in the industry would not be possible if it was not for the forward-thinking and innovative ethos that we hold dear. This is precisely why we have been able to stay within the industry for over 2 decades. The systems that we install give our customers the peace of mind to go about their work safe in the knowledge that their security is being looked after, perhaps even paving the way for their business to improve.

Tagmax's Anti Theft Device For Shops

If you're looking to improve the security of your store(s), then ensuring that you have the latest anti theft device for shops is important. Whilst tagging systems are nothing new, recent innovations in technology have allowed for the improved tracking of products, helping retailers to not just protect their valuable stock but also to change the layout of their stores. Sadly, many retailers still use older types of tags (if they indeed use any tags) which through the passage of time have simply grown unreliable and do not offer the same customisable benefit as modern tagging does.

As such, here are three examples of our recent work:

  • Rapha Cycles are an upmarket cycle shop (and cafe) that retails high-quality cycling clothing, racing bikes and servicing. They came to us wanting a discrete security system to be installed across their six sites (including one located in Berlin), as items such as bikes are constantly being brought into the shop and so they didn't want a tagging system that would be intrusive to customers. Additionally, they were seeking a CCTV system to protect the occupants as well as the general functioning of their cafe.
    Our solution was to install the Diaward AM mat, that perfectly fits their requirements of a discreet system. With the nature of different buildings consisting of different sizes, shapes and components, each installation presented its own unique challenge. One example of this was Rapha Cycles' flagship store in Brewer Street, Soho, which required us to very inventive during the installation process due to the design of the shop; requiring us to build the system into some steps.
  • As an example of the sheer scale of bespoke work that we are comfortably able to undertake, our work for Bravissimo, a large lingerie store that specialises in bra fitting, lingerie and sleepwear, has seen us install anti theft device for shops in 21 of their sites. All of the security systems that we installed were in AM, with a mixture of the discreet mat security and visible pedestal systems. Whilst working with Bravissimo, we have provided them with a bespoke service that includes building a security system around a conveyor belt in their distribution centre, as some products were being sent out to stores without any tags installed. Having already undertaken this kind of work in seven of their stores (most of which were refits, in which their previous security was done via older, Radio Frequency tags) we are also rolling out new security infrastructure in their store in White City, with the additional installation of new CCTV.
  • The team here at Tagmax just aren't adept at installing anti theft device for shops to shape them to fit the requirements of the building's layout or components. Our systems can help to open up retail space, making more of it usable and to prove to be more aesthetically pleasing. Take our work for esteemed ladies fashion brand, Apricot – we have already fitted three of their stores out with large doorways that don't include visible pedestals. Working once again with Diaward AM mats, the largest that we installed was one that covered an area of 7m, giving this store in Basingstoke the opportunity to look after the security of their products and to create space, opening up its metaphorical arms to welcome in their genuine customers. What's more, the tags used by this discreet system are discreet themselves – Apricot have commentated how much they like the fact that the system is able to pick up signals from relatively small tags.

Improve Your Retail Security With Tagmax

If you would like to learn more about anti theft device for shops and precisely how we're able to help to create the ideal security system for your business operation, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today. You can give us a call 0800 044 3160, or you can send an e-mail to us at enquires@Tagmax.com.

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