Here at Tagmax, we have spent many a year installing the latest security devices for retailers up-and-down the country. Our work has helped our clients to better protect their stock, staff and customers – it has also had benefits for the atmosphere of their stores too.

If you run a retail operation, then you'll already know that there is more to running a store than just the products on sale – your customers having a good experience of their visit will undoubtedly help to foster brand loyalty and perhaps even see them inform others of their positive feelings.

In this blog, we're going to look at the effects that security devices, such as mat security tagging can have on your store, as well as a few other ways to improve the in-store atmosphere.

Using Mat Security Tagging & Other Tips On Creating A Great In-Store Atmosphere

  • Produce A Welcoming Environment. The layout of the front of the store is vitally important; it offers passers-by an instant impression of your store before they step into it. Your store may have some fantastic products at great prices, held on an easy-to-navigate floorplan – but if the exterior doesn't portray that image, then not many people will enter to actually experience it.
    This is precisely why you should create a space that is inviting – showing passers-by what they will find in-store and why they should come in and look. Once inside, the space must be made for shopping, it should account for the psychology of consumers; inviting them to explore and discover the items that they'd like to buy.
  • Greet Customers As They Enter. Speaking of offering a welcoming environment, many a store will use greeters at their front doors to say hello and be of assistance to customers if they need anything; this will only make most people feel appreciated and will boost the brand of your store in their minds. Greeters can also play another role in providing security – they can provide a deterrent to anyone with designs on shoplifting and can monitor your security devices, such as mat security tagging by the entrance/exit.
  • Stock Arrangement. Placing the key items of your store as far away from the entrance as possible will maximise a customer's exposure to other items as they traverse through them, searching for those key items that they've come for. This will ultimately increase the chances of them seeing something that they may need/like along the way – gaining you an additional sale and a boost to your reputation. You can also bestow similar tactics on your shelving units by placing the most profitable/desired products at eye level. This makes it more likely that it will grab the attention of a customer and hopefully, produce a sale.
  • Think About The Security of The Store. Whilst going about their shopping experience, customers don't want to be in an environment that isn't secure. Stores can quickly gain a reputation of 'being easy to steal from' if they don't have sufficient security measures in place, such as CCTV cameras, manned guarding and mat security tagging. So therefore, people may avoid entering certain stores if they think the atmosphere they experience will be a negative one – it must be if it attracts so many shoplifters. Having sufficient security measures in place will eliminate this and make for a secure in-store atmosphere.

Why You Should Consider Installing Mat Security Tagging In Your Store

A mat security tagging system is an underfloor tracking device that can be hidden under a mat (or sometimes a floor) to prevent anyone with designs on stealing from knowing that you have such a system in place. Other reasons why you may want to install the system could be that you don't have the space in the store to cater for the installation of a visible security system, or if you don't want your genuine customers being made to feel uncomfortable by the presence of bulky security devices.

An underfloor security system works by their ability to track whenever tags (that have been placed on the products that you wish to protect) are taken inside of their field of monitoring. When the system senses the tags, an alarm will sound, altering staff to the fact. The field of monitoring of modern underfloor systems can comfortably allow for staff to get to the alarm point and deal with the situation. As tags can easily be deactivated or removed at the till; this gives genuine customers no worries about being embarrassed by such an incident.

So if you're looking for a discreet security system that is highly effective – look no further than mat security tagging from Tagmax!

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