Whilst the Christmas and New Year's sales offer a bountiful opportunity for businesses of all sizes and types to increase their profit margins, it also can see them suffer from profit-affecting shoplifting. Naturally being busy will mean that staff levels will be stretched to meet demand and as a result, anyone with intentions of stealing will be encouraged to do so, without the presence of any visible security. This is where security tagging can help.

The End-Of-Year Shopping Rush – Highlighting The Need For Security Tagging

The shopping rush provided by Christmas/New Year is a double-edged sword for many retailers – whilst it's obviously fantastic that many people could potentially come through the doors to buy stock, it provides a security issue that if not addressed, could actually leave the business in the red.

If you're a retailer who may have experienced losses through theft during the Christmas/New Year period or are simply looking to update your stock's protection measures with the latest in security technology, then security tagging offers a great solution.

If you think about the number of people who may enter your store during these times, looking after your stock may prove to be an almost impossible task. You could employ more staff or hire outside security to monitor things, but such things come at a high-cost, which may be hard for your budget to justify – especially as a short-term measure. What you need is an effective solution that won't require you to outlay a large cost in the short-term, something that can pay itself back over time and still offer the same level of performance year-on-year. These are all boxes that EAS tags tick.

How Can EAS Tags Help To Cut Down On Shoplifting?

Electronic Article Surveillance tags can be placed either inside or outside of a product and its packaging and are designed to set off an alarm when sensed by an accompanying EAS system (which is normally installed by the entrance/exit). This sensor can either take the shape of a physical pedestal system or an underfloor system (that performs the same function, but may be used due to a lack of space or if the store doesn't want to alarm genuine customers with visible security).

Security tags can be removed or deactivated by unique tools at the point of purchase; this virtually ensures that tagged products will be purchased and that genuine customers won 't experience any potentially embarrassing situations as they leave the store. The added benefit to security tagging is that they can be placed on a wide array of products – from clothing materials, glass, plastics, cardboard etc. Their wide usage in retailers of varying sizes around the world should automatically show how effective they are to include in a retail security plan.

Elsewhere, retailers like to use EAS tags because they offer:

  • A Deterrent. Away from their actual function of setting off an alarm to alert staff to a potential theft from the store, security tags also provide a visible deterrent. Shoplifters will be well aware of how a security tag works and as a result, will either leave frustrated, or chance their arm regardless. They can do this in two ways; try to remove the tag in-store or leave with it and hope that staff will be too busy to stop them. Whilst it's not inconvincible for older types of EAS tags to be removed, more-modern tags are virtually impossible to remove with common hand tools – only with unique deactivators. Also, modern tags may have a secondary alarm system; when tampered with, they will send a signal to the EAS system, setting off the alarm regardless. So the more-modern a tag is, the better deterrent it will provide.
  • Reliability. The tags' durable nature is summed up by the fact that they cannot be removed by anything but a specialist remover. This reliability is reflected in how many times they can be reused; they can be constantly removed and re-attached without any effect on their ability to send out their monitoring signals.
  • A Rewarding Investment. The tracking abilities of modern security tagging, coupled with their constant re-use makes them the ideal investment to protect your stock with. If you think too, about the amount of profit that you'll lose through theft through no or ineffective EAS tags, then the initial cost of installing a brand-new system will pay itself back extremely quickly, leaving you to profit in the long-term.
  • Promotes The Ideal In-Store Image For Staff and Customers. Regardless if you're a staff member starting work for the day, or a customer who enters the store with buying ideals in mind; all of them will want to experience a positive atmosphere. By creating a store that virtually eliminates the chances of a shoplifter from making away with your goods undetected, this will deter them and will even provide a physical security presence that would be welcomed by staff and customers. For staff, they'll be able to get on with their jobs safe in the knowledge that the security is looked after and customers will feel that they are in a safe protected space, giving them undisturbed surroundings to shop in.

Improve Your In-Store Security With Tagmax

If you're thinking about improving the security of your store with security tagging for 2018 and beyond, you've found the right place here at Tagmax. For the last 20 years, we have been helping retailers to improve the security of their stores; safeguarding the safety of customers, staff and stock alike. No matter if you represent a major high-street chain or a small local business or start-up, we can guarantee that we will be able to create a security solution and offer you the ideal products that will help you in your goals.

If you would like to learn more about our service and how EAS tags can help you, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can call us on 0800 044 3160 or alternatively, you can send an e-mail to us at sales@tagmax.co.uk.

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