You can't help but to have noticed that no matter where you turned, what you watched or read – Black Friday adverts were everywhere this year. During the last few years, many a retailer has joined in with this imported marketing initiative from the United States, designed to kick-start the Christmas shopping season by offering customers special deals or massive reductions on products in order to get shoppers into their stores.

With the shopping crowds during Black Friday (and the rest of the busy Christmas period) being vast, many of these retailers have been updating or introducing brand-new EAS security systems in order to protect their stock. In this blog, we're going to look at Black Friday and the Christmas shopping season in more detail and why EAS gates for retail are vital in this particular period.

The Impact Of Black Friday On Stores – And Their EAS Security Systems

It's actually only relatively recently that Black Friday was introduced into the UK; in 2013, Asda's American owners, Walmart, honed their Black Friday initiative for a UK audience. Not to be outdone, other large UK supermarkets and stores followed suit – and just like many of their counterparts in the US, chaos ensued.

Reports of disorder and even violence drew much criticism from the public, local and national authorities, resulting in large retailers scaling down or 'reimagining' their Black Friday deals. Asda themselves didn't host any Black Friday sales for two years. As such, the landscape has since changed – with all manner of retailers filling the gap left by the bigger companies. In 2017 Black Friday has developed into a more gentler activity, with many stores hosting 'Black Friday Weekends' or even a full week of Black Friday sales in order to control the flow of customers better.

As the last few years have shown, the impact of Black Friday is only going to continue to grow. It's this that gives retailers a great opportunity to promote their products and services to an interested customer base. As such, security needs to be thought of – and EAS security systems offer the ideal solution.

The Need For EAS Security Tags During The Christmas Shopping Season

Whilst it's too late to take advantage of Black Friday this year – there's still the best part of a month of Christmas shopping ahead. With crowds likely to increase in the weeks leading up to Christmas, thinking about the security of the store is a natural reaction for any retailer. After all, you simply do not know who is entering your store.

The issue of course, is being mindful of setting up too many security installations – so many, that it would leave genuine customers feeling like they're constantly being watched and gives them a sense that the store is easy to steal from. Nobody wants to shop in such an environment – then again, the retailer needs to be able to look after its stock too.

EAS security systems can be installed close to the entrance/exit of a store and are designed to detect EAS security tags that have been attached to products. If these products are taken within the field of monitoring of the EAS security system, an alarm will sound, altering staff to the fact. This offers a better way of keeping an eye on products, without actually having staff to keep an eye on everyone, all of the time. With Christmas, especially being a busy time, staff will be having enough work to do in any case – freeing them up to perform other duties, will allow the retailer to offer a better service to their genuine customers.

Aside from its security, EAS gates for retail will help the store to gain a positive reputation for its service too. So despite us being well into the Christmas shopping season, now represents the perfect time for retailers to think about putting in place a new EAS security system for the upcoming year – Black Friday and Christmas 2018 will be around before we know it!

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Our retail security experts here at Tagmax have spent over 2 decades in the industry, providing the most up-to-date CCTV systems to all manner of retail, business, educational and government establishments. If you're looking to improve the security of your store, regardless of where you may be located, our EAS security systems can help.

We are able to introduce a wide range of EAS gates for retail and accompanying EAS security tags to your store; introducing a system that has been specifically designed for its layout. As such, the bespoke security solution you possess will be one that will be in better position to serve the business and its requirements. Looking after your important stock, an EAS security tag system often works as a great deterrent to shoplifters. What will be created is a safe and secure environment for your genuine shoppers and staff alike.

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