For over 20 years, the team here at Tagmax have served many a retailer in installing EAS security tag systems just in time for the busy Christmas season. With many retailers taking advantage of relatively-new innovations such as Black Friday to increase the footfall of their stores during the season, the ability to protect their stock has never been as important. In this blog, we're going to look at the effects of the Christmas season on retailers and how they are able to protect themselves from the unwanted profit-effecting spectre of shoplifting.

The Christmas Season – A Double-Edged Sword For Retailers Without EAS Security Tag Systems

There's no denying that Christmas is an extremely exciting, yet busy, time for retailers. With the Christmas shopping season seemingly well into the swing of things by November, many stores are currently working hard to meet the demands of an increased amount of shoppers by bringing their product lines up to scratch and putting their special offers and sales information out in the press. However, this exciting and busy time can also attract those who have designs on shoplifting from these stores – the more popular a store is, the more the likelihood is that it will be stolen from. It makes sense, in a macabre kind-of-way.

This is precisely why an increasing amount of retailers – no matter their size and reputation – are using EAS security tag systems and CCTV. Just last year, The Guardian revealed that retail crime cost British business £613m in lost profits – you can imagine that a busy shopping season such as Christmas accounted for a good portion of that number.

So whilst the Christmas season can be an exciting, rewarding time for any retailer and its staff with the increased amount of shoppers and profits coming through the tills, it does provide somewhat of a double-edged sword, in that it will also attract an increased amount of theft. As such, how can retailers put in place measures to ensure that they aren't stolen from?

Tips On Preventing Shoplifting From Retail Stores At Christmas

  • Greeting Shoppers. This common method is embraced by all manner of stores; not only does it help to set a positive, friendly atmosphere for the genuine shoppers, but it also allows staff to keep an eye on any would-be shoplifters. Often, the best way to stop shoplifting is by deterring them and having a greeter will show that the store is well-staffed and that the people who work there are diligent.
  • Attending Fitting Rooms. This is an age-old shoplifting trick that still to this day offers thieves the best opportunity to make away with stock. As legislation doesn't allow for CCTV to placed inside fitting rooms, monitoring capabilities are somewhat limited. This is why stores use EAS security tag systems to track their items and place staff at the entrance to the fitting room area. Often staff will give out tickets and make a note of the amount and type of items that are taken into the fitting rooms too. It's these diligent methods, that severely weaken the chances of a shoplifter making off with stock.
  • Double Staff In Key Areas. More 'sophisticated' thieves will attempt to use distraction methods to take staff away from an area, so their fellow can then steal from. By doubling up the staff detail in key areas, retailers can deter these methods from being carried out and it will also allow genuine customers to access an increased amount of assistance too.
  • Being Mindful Of Suspicious Behaviour. Another aspect to doubling up on staff in key areas of the store will mean that they will be able to keep a watchful eye on any behaviour that they deem to be suspicious. A simple question to a shopper, such as 'do you need any assistance' is a classic way of balancing being helpful to genuine customers and providing a reminder to potential shoplifters that they're being watched. Knowing that staff are there, it makes the prospect of any would-be thief going through with the theft, less likely. 'Suspicious' behaviour to look out for, includes anyone carrying any possible devices that can conceal items (such as large shopping bags, rucksacks, loose clothing etc), those who loiter around without making a purchase, people who seem nervous (especially when asked if they need assistance) and those who take a large quantity of items into a fitting room.
  • Securing The Stock. Large crowds, especially of the kind you get at Christmas, can make it difficult, even for a double staff detail to keep a watchful gaze over, all of the time. This is a situation that the more sophisticated of shoplifters look out for – and any opportunity they can get, they will usually take. As such, retailers should think more about securing their more-expensive items, so that if they are taken from the shelf, rack or rail, they won't be taken out of the store. Using EAS security tag systems offers the ideal way in which to do this – a security tag can be placed on, in or even inside an item and when taken towards the field of monitoring of the system (installed by the store's exit) it will sound an alarm, altering staff to the fact. Aside from offering that ability, these tags also work as a deterrent – seeing that modern EAS tags have been attached to an item will likely frustrate a shoplifter and by the added presence of diligent, visible staff – it's highly unlikely that they'll go through with the theft.

EAS Security, From Tagmax

If you're a retailer looking to improve the security of your store, your stock and your staff, then we at Tagmax can help. For many years now, our EAS security tag systems have helped all manner of stores – from some of the biggest names on the high street to small local businesses – to protect themselves from the spectre of shoplifting. The Christmas season just underlines the need for any forward-thinking retailer to be able to possess a year-round security solution – so please do not hesitate to contact us today if you'd like to learn more on how such a system can help you.

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