When it comes to thinking about retail security, thoughts will immediately go towards preventing shoplifting and whether using security guards, CCTV, security tags or a combination of all three is a good idea. However, there are more benefits to be had from each – security guards can offer a friendly greeting service, CCTV can help the store to measure their footfall rates and security tags and EAS gates for retail can help to set a great in-store atmosphere.

How Can EAS Gates For Retail Help To Set The Right Atmosphere?

Working alongside EAS (electronic article surveillance) tags, EAS gates for retail are installed by the entrance/exit of a store and are designed to track whenever the tags are taken through its monitoring area. Depending on the age and condition of your EAS system and tags, their performance can vary. More-modern systems can monitor much-larger areas that give a retailer a better opportunity to prevent shoplifters from leaving the store with a tagged product.

Despite their function, it's likely that the main role of an EAS tag is to provide a deterrent to any potential shoplifter. This is why you'll often find tags visible displayed on items, which require removal at the point(s) of purchase. Aware of the fact that the product is tagged and that they'll set off the EAS system by attempting to take it out of the store, this will frustrate the ambitions of a shoplifter. They'll likely leave empty handed, leaving only genuine customers in the store.

Having these visible security devices frustrating potential shoplifters will also mean that the store will not gain a reputation for being 'easy to steal from'. Not only will this encourage people that the store takes its security seriously, it will discourage other shoplifters from entering and stealing something for themselves. A reputation can so often snowball and cause havoc, placing an impression on something that isn't quite the reality.

Why Is Setting A Good In-Store Atmosphere Important?

Any retailer that wishes to experience long-term success will be aiming to turn their customers into repeat visitors – it's an obvious, but sometimes overlooked aspect of the retail industry. If you can capture the affections of a loyal customer base, you'll be able to garner regular profitable footfall that you'll be able to use to positively promote the business. This is primarily why it's important to ensure that that the atmosphere of a store is just right to give customers a reason to visit again. Nobody wants to experience an unpleasant atmosphere (or shop anywhere that has gained a negative reputation), so ensuring that you can set a positive one should be of the utmost importance.

Another benefit of setting a great feeling within the store is because customers (especially loyal ones, who enjoy visiting the store) will make purchasing decisions as they're traversing through. A negative atmosphere will only make them rush through their shopping, only picking up what they had in mind when they entered the store. They could even leave without making a purchase, never to return.

A negative atmosphere can be created by a multitude of different aspects. Things like poor decor, unorganised product displays, lack of staff and overbearing music are all common, but so is the spectre of shoplifting. Whether it's physically seeing people steal from the store, or staff constantly watching their every move, asking questions (no matter how polite) – even overbearing security systems – all can work to make some people uncomfortable. So how can you find the right balance between greatsecurity and making people feel comfortable? Enter EAS gates for retail.

Staff Benefits With EAS Systems.

Depending on the size of your store and its security set-up, you may delegate security duties to dedicated security guards or even regular staff members. Whilst security guards have been trained, they will still need help to make their jobs much more effective. Then of course, as they're looking out for potential shoplifters, regular staff members won't be doing their regular jobs – which robs a genuine customer of assistance when they need it.

EAS systems can work as an additional staff member; they can help a security guard to reliably identify whenever a tagged product has entered an area of monitoring, giving them ample opportunity to intercept. It can also help you to cut down on the number of staff members assigned to keep an eye on people. This will free them up to offer help to customers, promoting a positive sentiment amongst those people who don't like feeling that their every move is being watched.

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If you're looking to improve the security and atmosphere within your retail store, consider our EAS gates for retail installation service. Since 1997, the team here at Tagmax have been implementing security systems within retailers of all sizes – from local start-ups to major high street chains and everything else in between. As a result of our experience and know-how, we are able to cater for any and all requirements you have, to design a unique security layout that will help your operation to protect its staff, customers and stock – even helping to develop the business for the long-term.

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