Concealed Security Systems - Helping To Combat A New Type of Shoplifter

Self-service scanners are a 21st century retailing innovation that has made it easier for stores to help customers to pay for their items by scanning them themselves. Many stores have combined the traditional counters, with self-service checkouts that give people a choice in which to use. This is helpful for those who may be in a rush, or those who only have a couple of items and aren't really keen on waiting in a queue. This helps to keep the flow of customers moving at a steady pace through the store, leaving staff to feel less pressured as they attend to those who aren't using the self-service scanners. Another big advantage of these scanners, is that they take up less space than the average physical service scanner, giving stores even more room to work with.

Self service – quite literally!

However, many industry experts believe that the self-service scanners give people a good opportunity to steal items from a store. The lack of human interaction that they'll face will be non-existent when going through self-service. With scanners measuring checked-out items by their weight, they sometimes measure items incorrectly, so even if staff are around to verify a product (for items that require proof-of-age etc) the potential for a scanner to be fooled does exist. This will give a shoplifter a perfect opportunity to attempt to steal something, simply by pretending to scan a product through.

A great way to prevent shoplifting, whether your use self-service scanners or not, is by using concealed door security systems in your store

Why use concealed door security systems?

A concealed door security system is installed at the points of an exit of a retail store and is designed to sense products that have been electronically tagged. This can be done either with a visible tag or one that has been concealed. When a person steps over the area that the system is monitoring, an alarm will sound, alerting the store to a theft. In the case of self-service scanners, the tags will be deactivated at the point of purchase (a visible tag will need to be removed by a member of staff).

There are a number of benefits that this system provides, which include;

  • Bigger space . Although pedestal systems are able to act as a visible deterrent to any potential shoplifters, they take up more space in your store – a concealed system allows a store, where space might be vital, more room in which to operate

  • Keeping the look of the store . The ability of the concealed system to blend into the look of the store is a major aspect in which many retailers choose to implement them. Even though having a visible deterrent may make shoplifters thick twice – many of them attempt to carry out a theft anyway. You'll be able to run an alarm system and keep the aesthetics of your store – with no visible security system taking away the attention from your products!

  • Improve the reputation of your store . When your customers feel relaxed during their shopping experience, this will give them a reason to return to your store, knowing that they aren't being watched all the time, with visible security sticking out everywhere. On a similar point, kitting it out in visible security systems that everyone can see, may give people the impression that your store is regularly stolen from – and that doesn't sound like a welcoming environment for them.

Keep your store safe with a concealed security system

We are proud to stock a wide range of concealed door security systems that are designed to protect you and your business from the potential harmful threat of shoplifting. Whether you employ self-service scanners or not – it's important to think about how much shoplifting may impact your businesses' profits.

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