With the demands on the modern retailer being plentiful, it doesn't help when the question of combating shoplifting is added to an already-busy schedule, waiting to be answered. Plenty stores just don't have the space to install a sufficient security system - this will only leave them at risk of sufferingfrom theft, which accounts for much of a retail operations losses. To avoid this, many stores have turned to using underfloor security systems to help them open up their spaces and yet be able to sufficiently track if any of their stock is being taken out of the store without being purchased.

What is an underfloor security system?

Hidden under floors, or more generally a mat, an underfloor system is a more discreet type of security tagging system that can be used to prevent potential shoplifters from knowing you have a security system in place at the store. This is especially helpful, for example, if you don't have the space inside your store to install other security systems, or if you don't want other visitors to be alarmed by visible security systems, which may make them feel uncomfortable. It will, however, still present you with an ideal opportunity to prevent shoplifting.

Benefits of using an underfloor security system.

  • Works like a pedestal system . Working with hard tags and their accessories, underfloor systems are able to sense tags in the same way that pedestal systems do.

  • Catch thieves unawares . Although visible security systems, such as pedestal barriers, provide a great security solution as well as a deterrent, it isn't always possible to install one in your store. This could be due to the lack of space available, or that the system simply clashes with the aesthetic look of the store. With an underfloor security system, you are able to place it under your floor, or a mat at the foot of your entrance/exit. Aside from offering the same tagging solutions as pedestal systems do, it will also provide a way in which thieves will be caught stealing, without them knowing that there is a security system in place.

  • Opens up space . Even if you do have the room to install a pedestal system, using underfloor security allows you to gain even more space, which could be helpful in creating new areas for product displays, or simply to enable your customers to be able to move around your store more easily.

  • Promotes a good in-store atmosphere . Whilst a store may experience a handful of thefts per year, the vast majority of people who enter your store do so with genuine intentions of purchasing your products. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable whilst going about their shopping experience and kitting your store out in visible security systems will potentially make many genuine customers feel uncomfortable and that they're being watched. Installing a discreet security system gives you an ideal solution to promote a good atmosphere around your store.

  • Easy and quick installation. These types of systems can be installed easily and quickly, cutting down the time in which creating this solution will impact on your business.

Answer all your security questions with Tagmax.

We stock a wide range of underfloor security systems that are designed to protect you and your business. With shoplifting and general theft being on the rise, it's never been as crucial for retailers to take sufficient steps in improving their security. Able to be placed in the most discreet of manners, underfloor systems offer an ideal opportunity for you to implement a sufficient security solution in your store.

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