When it comes to retail loss prevention, there's something uncomfortable that we need to talk about. The prospect of staff theft. In an ideal world, we'd love to trust everyone, especially those people we work alongside for most of the week. Sadly, despite our best intentions, the nature of work sees us busy, too busy to get to know someone, what they're thinking, what they're going through.

Staff theft can be responsible for much profit loss; having easy access to cash and merchandise, it isn't really a surprise. This is why it's vital to put in place retail loss prevention devices to help to monitor things.

Retail Loss Prevention: Why DO Employees Steal?

In an article on this very subject by Workplace Safety Advice, they summarise that employees steal, simply because it's easy to do so. The temptation outweighs any moral beliefs they may have. Interestingly, many staff members who may be caught in the act have not been under any major financial or stressful pressures to steal. Many of them are likely to point out that they've seen 'other staff members do it' and they believed it was a perfectly acceptable practice. On other occasions, they may feel undervalued, mistreated or prejudiced against; all reasons Work Safety Advice have outlined.

How To Investigate Suspicions of Theft

The difficulty is catching them in the act in the first place. If an employer has suspicions that things are going missing, it isn't really advisable to meet the situation head-on and throw around accusations that may prove to be false. Not only can this break the bond of trust, it may lead to the loss of a dedicated employee and create a climate of suspicion amongst everyone else. Not great for morale and promoting a positive in-store atmosphere. Although it's always important to keep a watchful eye on staff, the ultimate way to ensure that any profits don't go missing is by placing CCTV cameras in all public areas.

Able to monitor tills, the shop floor and stockrooms, there will simply be no area in which anyone is able to steal anything without it being recorded by a retail loss prevention device. With modern high-definition cameras offering a large level of zoom, it offers a sure-fire method of identifying any incidents that may take place. This will provide the employer with the watertight evidence they need to feel comfortable in confronting someone with. The added bonus is that the CCTV cameras will also provide a deterrent and it goes without saying, also helping to curb external theft too.

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