Effective Ways of Preventing Shoplifting With Retail Security In London

Posted on 21 Apr 2017
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According to the latest statistics from the Office For National Statistics, the rate of shoplifting experienced an increase towards the end of 2016. It isn't just the big retailers, with vast amounts of expensive stock who have been targeted – even smaller convenience-type stores are experiencing losses through shoplifting, so it's easy to imagine that any type of store will be a target for thieves. In summary, retail security is a must.

No matter the size of the retailer, these statistics show that every type and size of store imaginable will be a target for profit-effecting shoplifting. Once retailers are able to understand the methods that thieves go to in order to steal from the store, the next step to take is to implement retail security in London in order to prevent them from stealing in the first place.

Approaches To Prevent Shoplifting.

When thinking about your security plan, here is some advice on preventing shoplifting to keep in mind:

  • Keep your store well lit. Any dark areas of a store provide a shoplifter with an opportunity to place anything on their person or in a bag. Even if you have CCTV in-store, any dark areas would make it difficult for the camera to produce a clear picture. Ensuring that bright, consistent lighting is present in all aspects of the store will make any shoplifter think twice and more often than not, they won't attempt to steal in fear of being seen.
  • Lock expensive items behind cabinet displays. By being aware of the items that are the most-targeted by shoplifters, you are able to know what to lock away in a clear display cabinet that will make them virtually impossible to steal from.
  • Keep a neat and tidy store. Aside from the need to do so for safety (and plainly aesthetic reasons) any intelligent shoplifter will see an untidy store as one where employees aren't paying attention to or are too busy undertaking other tasks – which gives them the green light to steal something. By tidying the store and constantly restocking items so displays look full, your store will be setting an image that everything is constantly checked and corrected by staff.
  • Encourage staff to interact with customers. A classic method implemented by many stores is having staff asking customers 'if they need any assistance'. For genuine customers, this will be something that they won't particularly mind being asked (they may even need some assistance!), but for someone with designs on stealing from the store, this simple question will make them feel like they're being watched and therefore, the likelihood that they'll go on to steal, will be less likely.
  • Restricting access to dressing rooms. If you run a store that sells any clothing items, then dressing rooms are a must. However, one of the most classic shoplifting methods sees items taken into a changing room, with either fewer items bought back, or even sees them substituted for others. By putting in place a system that sees a member of staff and tagging technology used to keep an eye and track your products, you'll vastly reduce the chances of items being stolen via this method. Whilst you can't place CCTV cameras inside changing rooms, you can place notices that CCTV camera exist elsewhere in the store – these could help to dissuade a nervous shoplifter from carrying out an attempted theft.
  • Using Security Tools. As mentioned, CCTV systems can play a major role in not just recording incidents inside the store, but also as a deterrent against theft. As a shop owner or manager can't see an entire store all at once, CCTV can help to act as the eyes which will help to identify anyone present in the store at any one time. Another security method that can be implemented is the usage of retail security tags and pedestal systems that can track products and set off an alarm if they are taken through a field of monitoring. Only removed and deactivated by a specialist tool, security tags have proven to be an effective weapon against shoplifting.

Tagmax – Providers of High-Quality Retail Security In London and The UK.

Here at Tagmax, we are one of the leading retail security experts in the UK. Having been involved in the sales and installation of all manner of security devices for over 2 decades, we have seen trends and technology change exponentially during that time. Moving with these changes, we are now in a unique position to be able to offer advice on the changing landscape of the industry and how new innovations are able to combat crime and reduce those crucial losses through theft for retailers.

Our service in retail security in London can offer:

  • CCTV. Providing high-definition images, able to save and transmit those images to smartphones and tablets, as well as to secure off-site storage devices, our CCTV systems are able to provide a comprehensive security solution for any type of retailer. Whether you're looking for one installation to work alongside existing cameras, or a specialist IP CCTV to monitor an entire store, we will have a CCTV product that will be able to improve any retailer's security.
  • Tagging Systems. Shop security tags, are able to effectively work with new or existing pedestal and underfloor security systems to sense a tagged product that is taken through their field of monitoring. With tags such as our own able to be picked up within a 20-metre radius, they are able to stop a shoplifter in their tracks before they have an opportunity to leave the store, making for a great solution for businesses looking for retail security in London.
  • Analytic Software. Working with CCTV cameras, retail analytic software can help retailers to better understand the journey of a customer through their store and gives them the opportunity to look at how they interact with product displays and the store's layout. When compared with sales figures, retailers can know if their store is well-optimised and if not, know which areas need improving.

Choose Tagmax Today For Comprehensive Retail Security.

As we aren't able to keep an eye on everything – and everyone – at all times, we have become increasingly reliant on security technology. Whilst older and often obsolete security articles are still present in many retailers, which many shoplifters pick on. by implementing more modern technology in your security plan, you can nip any potential crimes in the bud, saving your business from those crucial losses.

Quite simply, if you're looking for the most up-to-date retail security in London – choose Tagmax today. If you would like more information about any of our products and services, you can give our friendly customer support team a call on 0800 044 3160 or send us an e-mail at sales@tagmax.co.uk.

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