One of the key areas that make a business successful (aside from offering great products and services, of course) is the customer service aspect. For many people, shopping is an experience and what they face will play heavily into how they perceive a business. Regardless of the quality or price of the products on offer, a bad experience will more than likely turn people away from a service.

For the physical retailer, good customer service is how well the store is set up. Can customers find everything they need to? Is there staff around to ask questions to? Do they feel safe and secure in-store? For online retailers, a great customer experience is a quick,easy-to-use website that is able to display the product in great detail and offers a range of delivery options – options that are able to follow their order to the letter.

A vital part of online customer service is how well the business can respond to its customers. Whilst the physical shopper can pick up their purchases right away, the online one clicks a button and waits for theirs. Whether that wait is a couple of weeks, days, hours or half-an-hour, the best customer-focused businesses are the ones that can get their orders right.

'The Missing Order'

The internet has been an amazing innovation; not only can we find information within seconds and navigate around unfamiliar places with the aid of an interactive map, but we can also get pretty much everything we need, delivered to our front door. The problem is that, save for delivering the package yourself, there is no quick and easy way to guarantee that everything that was ordered would turn up to the person that ordered them.

This is one of the common disputes to arise with online orders – with many businesses using third-party delivery services to bring their items to customers, it falls to them (the business) to foot the bill if the items that were ordered, did not turn up. Not only is monetary cost a factor here but the hit the business will take could potentially harm its reputation. Online reviews, as you probably know, can be the lifeblood of an online business.

However, thanks to the latest cloud analytics, not only can they help staff to ensure that the orders they receive are fulfilled, any reported 'missing orders' can be challenged too.

How Cloud Analytics Can Help With Order Fulfilment

The best way to ensure that orders are correct and to dispute any complaints from your third-party delivery partners is to provide photographic evidence of the full order before it is given to the delivery driver. With cloud analytics, a business can have a system in place that takes photographs of orders quickly,causing minimal disruption to their preparation process.

All staff need to do is to lay out the full order along with its receipt, and use a convenient wall-mounted button that triggers a camera to take a photo. The contents are then packed and the staff member gets to work on the next order.

Meanwhile, the photo is sent to the cloud system, where the program's analytics get to work, reading the order number of the receipt. The order number (and photo) is then sent to the business manager via e-mail, so if any complaint is filed by the third-party delivery firm, they can pass on the evidence as proof that the contents of the receipt were packed.

To place the process in three steps:

  • Items arranged, camera activated.
  • Photo sent to the cloud system, order number read.
  • Order number and photo sent to management, kept as evidence.

As an increasing number of businesses either start up or migrate their services online, it's important to be aware of the potential avenues for profit loss.Delivery compensation is one of them – so make sure your business is able to operate as efficiently as possible.

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