How Thermal Cameras Can Be of Benefit To Building Operators

Posted on 17 May 2019
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The security camera industry has changed vastly throughout the last 20 years or so. The cameras they retail have gone from recording grainy pictures stored on videotape to High Definition images that are stored on The Cloud or sent to a mobile phone. The immense change in a camera's capabilities has given property owners more choice than ever before when it comes to creating their ideal security infrastructure. One of these choices is thermal cameras.

Ideal for large scale or unique outdoor environments(such as areas that have obstructions that make normal viewing difficult),thermal security cameras detect heat that is generated from an object or individual. This ability gives the user the opportunity to be aware of the location of people or items that may not be immediately viewable, even by the highest definition cameras.

The Benefits of Thermal Cameras

If you are responsible for the operation of a property and have been thinking about improving your security in those hard-to-monitor places or need better surveillance in outdoor environments,here are the benefits of choosing a thermal camera:

Night time security

The technology used by thermal security cameras do not need any external light source for them to operate. This makes them ideal to employ to monitor dark or completely pitch-black areas indoor or outside. No matter the level of light, the camera relies on motion detection –automatically picking out heat signatures on the move. This provides the user with complete flexibility with the use of the camera; activity can be recorded for 24-hours a day if needs be.

It's also worth remembering that much criminal activity occurs under the cover of darkness. In such incidences, thermal cameras make an excellent addition to any CCTV or IP (Internet Protocol) surveillance system. With your IP cameras, you can access the footage of the system at any time with a secure Internet connection – from anywhere you like.

Whilst in most cases, the presence of security cameras (especially if attention is drawn to them, through the usage of signs) will deter anyone with nefarious intentions, incidents may still happen. Having the added functionality of thermal security cameras will provide additional coverage for areas at times when other types of cameras may not be as effective.

Bad weather? No problem!

It isn't just differing lighting or complete darkness that thermal cameras can help to pick people and objects out in, but changeable weather conditions too. Whether there's torrential rain, fog, snow, smoke or if the conditions are compromised by the nature of your work, thermal surveillance cameras will still be able to detect people and objects through heat tracking.

Thermal security cameras can be the best option to choose when you have different types of outdoor areas to monitor –also if you want to enhance the strength of your existing security system too.

Improved outdoor surveillance

There's nothing more frustrating than having to find incidents on a camera's recording and having to go through it all to find what you're looking for. As the images that are delivered by thermal surveillance cameras rely on heat, the video that is recorded is strictly for the detection of people or objects in areas that they shouldn't be in. Not only does this make better use of the camera in outdoor environments, as the footage it picks up will be of movements, it will vastly cut down on the amount of storage space used to keep needless images too.

Comply with privacy law

In order to comply with privacy regulations, thermal security cameras can be used in places that need to be left unprotected by CCTV. Thermal detection does not provide identification of an individual –it tracks the heat signature of a person, so they are ideal camera type to use in settings where the operator needs to know what's going on, but also need to avoid intruding on an individuals' privacy too.

Find heat leaks

If any heat is leaking through the building, it not only will cost more in utility bills in winter but it will also mean that heat from the outside is able to emanate into the building during the summer too. The addition of thermal cameras will be able to detect any leaks, giving the building operator the opportunity to fix them, saving much in the way of money in the winter and heighten comfort in the summer.

Improve Your Security Camera Infrastructure, With Tagmax

That was our guide to the benefits of thermal cameras. If you would like to learn more about how they may be of benefit to you and/or your business, or if you're interested in security cameras in general, then our experts are on hand to answers all of your questions. Please feel free to give them a call on 0800 044 3160 or send an e-mail to and they'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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