Potential bike thieves are being deterred with a highly unorthodox and revolutionary new technique.


A two-year experiment at Newcastle University involved putting pictures of a pair of staring eyes above cycle racks across the campus.

The experiment was a success – the posters led to a 62% decrease in thefts, whereas bike racks without the posters saw a 63% increase in thefts.

The technology involved may be primitive, but the successful campaign was based on several research campaigns which also suggested that a pair of eyes could be effective in other fields.

In 2006, a study found that similar posters made people pay nearly three times as much into an office honesty box. Research conducted in 2010 showed that a pair of eyes posted in a canteen made three times more people clear away their food.

The success of the experiment conducted on Newcastle University campus has led to Transport For London (TFL) utilising the same technology, and the technology could easily be used in a retail environment to discourage store theft.

This technology could easily represent the future of physical theft deterrents, but in CCTV terms the future can be found in the form of IP CCTV security.

IP CCTV security is versatile in that is gives operators immediate access to surveillance footage anywhere with an internet connection. It is secure and eliminates the need for expensive, space-consuming central CCTV stations.

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