The internet is an invaluable resource for conveying and communicating information, and infographics are a popular, creative way of doing this.

Infographics can be used to put across information and data in an accessible and appealing way. In Tagmax's case we used an infographic to bring to life the history of CCTV cameras – a subject that for many people would be viewed as uninteresting, or would be the focus of an uninspiring, lengthy blog post.


Check it out here:

So why make use of Infographics as part of your content marketing?

- They are attention grabbing

The biggest upside to infographics is, through the use of images and crisp design features, their ability to catch the eye and hold readers' attention better than large blocks of text or long blog posts.

- They make information appealing

Infographics are effective because they represent a different way of being presented information. Our history of CCTV is largely image based and design features make the content far more accessible for readers. It is a style unique to that topic, and future infographics will be different in terms of their design and content.

- Increases traffic

A compelling, well-designed infographic can drive traffic to your website in a big way. Social media has become a major player in the 'word-of-mouth' sharing of information online, and infographics are a huge part of this. Don't believe us? Search for 'infographic' on Twitter and see for yourself how many people are promoting a sharing them.

- SEO Value

On a related note: infographics have huge SEO value. Of course, Google doesn't know the content of the infographic (it is an image, after all) but your target audience do. Their sharing of your infographic will register on Google as inbound links, and your rankings will improve due to Google's “page rank" algorithm.

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