There are numerous occasions throughout the year where retail stores see an increase in shoppers. Whilst this is fantastic news with regards to more customers making purchases, the increase in people inside your store can raise some security issues. So before Mother's Day arrives, make sure your security solutions are fully prepared to deal with the increase in shopping.

Our state of the art security tags solutions provide the essential security services that all retail businesses need to protection their products; this includes both hard and soft items. If you're interested and would like to learn more about our industry-leading tag security options, you can make an enquiry by calling 0800 044 3160.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is celebrated on various different days throughout different parts of the world. The celebration honouring motherhood and maternal bonds was first celebrated in the United States of America in the early 20th Century in 1908 at St Andrew's Methodist Church in West Virginia. In fact, this church now holds the International Mother's Day Shrine.

However, Mother's Day in England and the rest of the UK has a very different origin story. Whilst the holiday known as Mother's Day has its origins in the United States, the holiday known as Mothering Sunday and its origins lie in the 16th century festivities of Laetare Sunday, in which Christians would visit the church in which they were baptised, their Mother Church. In the 20th century, this religious celebration mixed with the secular traditions of Mother's day which were celebrated in wider society. With regards to the celebration of Mother's Day in England and the United Kingdom, it is still celebrated on the same day as Laetare Sunday, the 4th Sunday of Lent; which in 2020 will be the 22nd March. Other countries in the world that observe the Holiday on this Sunday are Canada and Australia.

How Can You Protect Your Retail Store Against Shoplifters During This Busy Time?

The time leading up to Mother's Day will be busy for a diverse range of different retail businesses, after all everyone will be searching for the ideal gift for their mother this Mother's Day, and busy stores can make it much more difficult to effectively manage security, possibly resulting in an increase inretail shrinkage. Retail businesses in the United Kingdom already have the worst case of retail shrinkable in Europe, with over 1000 daily incidents of shoplifting, so it's essential that UK businesses take steps in order to try and reduce the amount of profit being removed from the shelves and walked right out of your door.

So how can you help to protect your retail store from theft during these busy shopping times? Well, one potential risk is shoplifters sneaking past pedestals and guards due to the large crowds, allowing the shoplifter to simply walk out of your store as a part of the crowd, only they have not paid for their 'shopping'. In order to minimise this risk, you could choose adigital loop system which conceals the security system in the doorway. This prevents potential shoplifters from sneaking around potential gaps in pedestals. Additionally, for further discretion the receiver antenna can be sprayed to match the colour of the door uprights, providing a near seamless security display.

However, if you are more concerned about skilled and experience shoplifters bringing de-tagging devices into your store, removing any and all security tags, then walking out of the store as a part of the crowd of shoppers, we recommend scorpion tagging systems.These scorpion systems have three different types, the lanyard design, the pind esign, and the microsensor. The pin and microsensor will sound a secondary alarm if the tag is ever removed (without deactivation) or tampered with, however the lanyard has an extra level of security. In addition to the connection pin, if the lanyard gets cut, or the cable is unscrewed, the transmitter will still activate, offering additional protection.

How Can Tagmax Help?

We aim to provide national retail groups with unique, well made security products that prevent theft and reduce shrinkage within their store environment. We strive to source the latest design and most innovative products manufactured from around the world.

Here at Tagmax, we are able to offer three different ranges of tag security, including XpondrTM 66Khz, AM - 58Khz and RF - 8.2 Mhz.There are able to target different kinds of product, from soft items like clothing to hard items like DVDs, toiletries and more. Security tags can be attached to practically any product and both styles can be easily removed by staff at the point of checkout; providing a cheap, reliable, and convenient way of improving your security and preventing theft.

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