It was a relief that after months of lockdown, stores opened again, embracing shoppers; offering them a welcome return to the 'normality' we had prior to March 2020. We can hope that this will be the final time a national lockdown occurs – we now have the chance to plan for the future.

With a return of people to stores, the inevitable question of security will doubtless crop up. An issue is that you don't want to create a 'watchful' environment for people that may already be anxious about returning to a 'physical' store – discreet tagging systems negate these problems.

In this blog, we're going to take a look athow discreet systems will be a great help in the future, especially for clothing stores that have been hit particularly hard in 2020.

The Need For Discreet Tagging Systems.

It's an unfortunate fact that most clothes are easy to steal if they aren't protected – whether that's stuffing them into a bag or even wearing them out of the store, their relative slenderness and weightlessness makes them easy targets. As a result, clothing tags have been a fixture on many items for several decades now – working with an alarm system installed close to the entrance/exit, the tags are detected by the system whenever they're taken through their monitoring field, setting off an alarm.

While the sight of a visible security system can work as a deterrent to would-be shoplifters, they aren't always the right choice for certain stores. It's important to think about this now, especially in the wake of a pandemic – already feeling anxious, some shoppers may just want to enter the store and get what they need, pay and leave (rather than browse around at their leisure). The sight of a security system by the door may make them feel awkward and uneasy, potentially putting them offpicking something up. Then there's a space issue to consider – visible systems take up floor space; in times of social distancing, every square yard is important.

And this is where discreet tagging systems can help.

The Benefits of a Discreet Tag System.

Also known as 'underfloor' security, discreet tag systems are mats that are placed near entrances/exists and can be used alongside visible and discrete security clothing tags (like adhesive security tags, for example). Another discrete option is the digital loop system that conceals the security system in a doorway –preventing shoplifters from sneaking around any gaps.

The main reasons why clothing retailers choose to install a discreet tagging system, include:

  • Frees up space. As visible systems are take up space on the shop floor, there will be less room for staff to work in. There is no lag in the tracking quality between the systems to consider – discreet tagging systems work just as well as their visible counterparts.
  • Produces a welcoming environment. The atmosphere of a store is a major factor in a shopper's appreciation; get it right, and a loyal customer may be gained. Having store entrances cluttered with security pedestals is seen as a 'barrier' to entry for some people; wide-open spaces offer a more welcoming environment. Obviously, security is important too – this is why underfloor security systems offer the best balance between creating a warm, inviting space and a secure one. The bonus is that freeing up spaces will allow for more creativity to be placed in the store's aesthetics; crafting an even more welcoming entrance.
  • Preserves the store's branding. On a similar theme, it could be the case that a visible security system may influence the look and feel of a shop. Having discreet security systems allows for store branding to remain the same – with the system looking around any tags that breach its monitoring field.
  • Places customers at ease. While placing a 'watchful' thought into the minds of customers isn't necessarily a bad thing, it does make genuine customers feel somewhat awkward and uneasy (especially if they like to take their time to browse around). Discreet tag systems will continue to offer them a relaxed feeling, long after they've stepped through the entrance of the store.

If you operate your own clothing store and are thinking about approaching improving your retail security, why not consider the services of the product tagging experts here at Tagmax?

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Running a retail outlet is often fraught with difficulty – the last thing you want are worries about the security of the store, its products and everyone within it. The retail security experts here at Tagmax have been working in the industry for over 20 years; not only bringing the most innovative discreet tagging systems on the market but also giving advice and assistance to store owners on how best to look after their in-store security too.

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