How Can Retailers Stop The Rising Number of Shoplifters?

Posted on 17 Jul 2017
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Today, we all can enjoy the benefits provided by modern technology. Almost every aspect of our lives has been improved by the vast options and easy access given to us by mobile phones, tablet devices and laptop computers. For our security, technology has greatly helped to identify and deter those who plan to cause any ill will to individuals, property or businesses.

However, despite the overall crime rate showing a trend of reduction, according to statistics compiled over the last few years, shoplifting has actually grown by an annual 6%. This is even despite numbers of other crimes seemingly falling. This is why for retailers, the usage of effective EAS security tag systems has become more important than ever.

EAS Security Tag Systems & Other Technology Used To Kerb Shoplifting.

For many years, much time, money and effort has been placed into creating anti-shoplifting technology, which many stores over the years have adopted.So why is the shoplifting statistic growing?

The most obvious retail security solution to use is a CCTV camera. Able to record images of a particular area, CCTV offers the most effective way of clearly identifying crime. Having been around for many years now, the quality and capabilities of CCTV are extremely varied – even a decade ago, many stores were still using VHS cassettes to record their images. Not only were these systems outdated, in terms of the qualities that they are able to record at but the required removable media will only prove to be an expensive and less secure application to record evidence. Taking up physical space too, they simply offer a less-flexible security solution.

A more specialist retail security solution is of course, the usage of EAS security tag systems. Electronic Article Surveillance is made exclusively for a retailer; installed at the entrance/exit of a store, an EAS system is able to sense a tag that has been placed on a product, thanks to its usage of radio frequencies. Once the tagged product is taken through the system's field of monitoring, an alarm will sound, giving the store ample opportunity to apprehend the shoplifter. Today, EAS tags are seen as a simple but effective security method – but many issues still do arise. Whether it's human error (staff not removing tags at the point of purchase) or more sinister behaviour (shoplifters easily removing tags in store) there is plenty room to exploit in these, older systems.

So Why Is Shoplifting On The Rise, With This Technology Installed?

As time and technology move on – so do the criminals. As we touched on earlier, older CCTV systems are only able to record low-quality images; something that shoplifters know, so they will chance their arm regardless. To avoid paying out for a brand-new CCTV system, some stores even install dummy systems that, whilst offering a cheap deterrent, obviously won't record anything – sophisticated shoplifters have been known to be able to spot which cameras are genuine and which aren't.

The usage of dummy items is perhaps more widespread in product tagging – instead of investing in genuine EAS security tags, retailers use false tags in order to provide a deterrent. Although whilst the sheer presence of even a dummy tag will make anyone think twice – not just because of the belief that an alarm will sound, but also because of the effort needed to remove the tag – more experienced shoplifters won't be thinking twice about taking the product. What's more, is that the technology to remove older tags from products is freely available on the internet and time-honoured methods, such as placing a tagged item in a foiled-lined bag, still prove to be popular.

The bottom line is that many stores either have old, outdated security or won't invest in sufficient retail security at all and sadly, this will always leave the door open for anyone willing to do them any ill will.

How Can More-Modern Security Technology Help?

One of the greatest aspects of the technological boom we've experienced in the last 20-or-so years is that the variations and customisations that we can place on things has never been so vast. In terms of CCTV security, cameras are able to record images in high-definition, from a longer and wider distance, connect with other cameras to provide network coverage – even send live or recorded images to an off-site storage device, mobile phone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer.

EAS security tag systems can benefit from an increased level of customisation too for example, being able to sense all manner of EAS security systems at an increased sensitivity to normal EAS tags, picking up signals that have even been attempted to be blocked. Each store in the future will be able to possess its own unique digital signature – meaning that product tags cannot be removed without that specific code.

Of course, technology isn't designed to comprehensively do our jobs for us – but if retailers are aware of the capabilities of their security and put in place plans to work alongside it to create the perfect anti-shoplifting plan, then modern retail security will provide a massive help in virtually shutting down any occurrences of shoplifting from within their stores.

Tagmax – A Comprehensive Security Solution For All Retailers.

Since 1997, we at Tagmax have been providing CCTV, EAS security tag systemsand analytic systems to stores in order to improve their security, protect their staff, shoppers and products, as well as to get a better idea of how their store performs.

We employ a national team of engineers who are able to install a bespoke security system in your store, as well as provide advice and assistance on how to continue to get the best out of it to make for a good long-term security solution. Combining high-quality with great prices, we're confident that we'll be able to install for you, your perfect security system, that won't go beyond your budget.

Contact Us Today To Learn More About EAS Security Tags & HD CCTV Systems.

If you would like to find out more information on how EAS security tag systems can help your retail operation to provide a modern, secure store, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can call us on 0800 044 3160 or alternatively, you can send us an e-mail at

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