As the public is hoping the second national lockdown will be relaxed before Christmas, the thoughts of retailers will no doubt be concentrated on protecting everyone – and everything – in their stores for whenever they open. After a difficult year, the last thing stores need is to lose more profit unnecessarily; and this where taking new security measures,such as retail security tagging can help.

With all stores requiring to set out social distancing methods (some may even be required to have fewer staff members on the shop floor at the same time), this increases opportunities for anyone with nefarious intentions to steal.

If you're a retailer who is busying themselves for reopening soon, here we have outlined the value of security tags to your store.

The Value of Retail Security Tagging

Product tags have been a key part of retail security plans for many years now – they can be placed either inside or outside of a product and its packaging and can be tracked whenever they are taken through a particular area. Retail security tags work with an EAS (Electrical Article Surveillance) system which sends out a signal, looking for the tags. So whenever the tagged products breach the monitoring area, they will set off an alarm – altering staff.

Security tags can be removed or deactivated by unique tools at the point of purchase – virtually ensuring that these products will be purchased. The added benefit of security tagging is that it can be used on a wide variety of hard and soft items – whether it's clothing, plastics, glass, cardboard, their continued usage by retailers shows how effective they are as part of a retail security plan.

Generally, retailers cite the following points as the main benefits of retail security tagging:

  • A good deterrent against theft. Aside from their function of communicating with the EAS system to set off an alarm, the other (and arguably the most prevalent) factor of security tags is that they act as a deterrent against theft. Most potential shoplifters will at least think twice about taking an item if they see that it's tagged – if they have to think twice, it vastly increases the likelihood of them not going through with it.
  • A tried-and-trusted security method. Reliability is a massive benefit of security tags; their durability is summed up by them not being able to be removed by anything but a specialist removal key. This reliability is reflected in how many times they can be reused; they can be constantly removed and reattached without any adverse effect to their signal receiver.
  • A worthwhile investment. Thanks to their abilities to be tracked and used time-and-again, security tags are an extremely worthwhile investment. If you think about how much profit loss a business suffers through theft, then any outlay will be paid back very quickly.
  • An in-store atmosphere booster. For many, shopping is about more than simply taking a product off a rack and paying for it – the atmosphere of a store can be a massive factor in repeat custom. For staff too, a positive atmosphere in which they can concentrate on their primary role without any undue worries is important. Retail security tagging protects products, allowing staff to work without worry and customers able to browse at their leisure without having to feel 'watched'.

Over time though, some tags may lose their effectiveness – they may break down or some people even get wise to how they can be removed (such as finding tips of how to or even buying removal keys on the Internet).

However, this won't the case with the latest in retail security tag technology – presenting, the Scorpion tag, by us here at Tagmax.

The Scorpion Tag From Tagmax

Unlike some older types of security tags, Scorpion tags can work in with any existing EAS system, no matter the frequency type. The wireless receiver can pick up signals from 20 metres away – a far longer distance than other tags, allowing retailers the means to organise the layout of their stores to more customisable levels.

Crucially of all; these tags come with a unique deactivation key that is only applicable to a particular store. An issue with security tags of the past is that their removal keys were available to purchase online, meaning that all a shoplifter had to do was note down the manufacturer of the tag and seek out the remover. With each Scorpion key containing a unique code, only those with the deactivator in-store can remove the tags.

Available in 3 different types – a pin for soft products (such as clothing) and lanyard or micro-sensor to lock products you don't want to put a pin through – the Scorpion retail security tag is the ideal tool to use as part of any retail security plan post-lockdown. So why not get in touch with us today to learn more?

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