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Why Should I Choose Scorpion Security Tags?

Running a retail operation is busy work –the last thing you need is worries about the security of the store, its products and everyone within it. By taking advantage of the heightened security measures of Scorpion retail security tags, you will benefit from:

  • Easy-to-use tags. Scorpion tags have been designed to be easy-to-attach, but hopeless to remove (at least without the unique deactivation code!) The robust design of them ensures that they cannot be pulled off, removed by simple hand tools or damaged by impacts that render them unusable (and thus able to betaken out of the store).
  • Cost-effective security. Thanks to their abilities, if you think about the amount of money that you'll save on products being stolen or damaged, the initial outlay for these tags will be quickly paid back. Once paid for, you can then look forward to receiving the profits you should be receiving if it wasn't for the threat of shoplifting.
  • A reliable retail security solution. Thanks to their hard wearing design and ability to receive a signal from long distances, there isn't a more reliable retail security solution out there. Thanks to their reliability, Scorpion is ideal to use on high-end and/or popular products.

Quite simply, by ensuring that your products are tagged by Scorpion, you can feel rest assured that your business has taken all the necessary steps to protect itself. This will undoubtedly lead to a better in-store atmosphere for staff and customers alike – so why not consider getting in touch with us to learn more about them?

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