Security Tagging – And 5 Other Steps You Can Take To Prevent Shoplifting

Posted on 13 Jun 2018
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Running your own retail operation is undoubtedly a rewarding experience – not only do you see your store making money, you also match customers up with items they may have been searching for, or with products that have just caught their eye and will make a real difference to their lives.

The dark side to being successful, making money and people happy, is that there’ll be others who would want to steal some of that for themselves – quite literally. However, this is something which security tagging can help to curtail.

The Effectiveness of Security Tagging

Security tagging is nothing new, of course. If you look around the shop floor of most high street retailers, they’ll likely have security tags attached to their most expensive or sought-after stock. Working with EAS systems installed at the entry/exit of a store, they can monitor the area and look for any tags that are taken into it. If this happens, an alarm will sound, altering staff members. Not only do they provide an effective way of tracking items away from the eyes of staff and CCTV, they also provide an effective deterrent.

As time has gone on, security tagging has become more affordable for all manner of retailers to use. If you run a retail store that is looking to heighten its security, then considering security tags would be a good place to start.

How Can I Compliment Security Tags?

Along with security tagging, here are five other ways of ensuring that your products are kept secure:

  • Keep the store well organised and the products well-placed. How easy is it to identify if something has gone missing from your store? Any large empty spaces should offer a visual cue that something has been stolen. However, if the store is messy and generally disorganised, it may be harder to notice that something has indeed gone missing. By ensuring that stock levels are constantly replenished throughout the day, as well as keeping a tidy, organised product line, this will go a long way to provide that visual cue.
  • Identify the common shoplifting methods and behaviours. There isn’t a specific ‘profile’ for what a shoplifter looks like, there are a number of common behaviours that they may display though. Often, shoplifters may work in pairs or in larger groups in order to distract staff, others work alone and simply attempt to grab an item and run out of the store. Then there are more sophisticated and daring methods, such as changing the labels on products or making false returns. By understanding these behaviours, you can formulate plans to negate them – such as the use of robust security tagging to deter/track them.
  • Use customer service techniques. The great thing about offering customer service is that it helps genuine customers to feel catered for – and it works as an effective tactic to curb shoplifters too. Asking visitors if they ‘need any help’ is one such common customer service tactic – it makes the person aware of their presence.
  • Optimise the layout of the store. Often, the poor layout of a store gives a shoplifter ample opportunity to carry out a theft. Whether that’s because of high shelving, poor access, or even the till area being in the wrong place, there is much to think about in terms of optimising the store to curb shoplifting. Here are just a few:

    • Position the till so that customers must pass it whilst leaving the store. Not only will this provide an extra deterrent in the mind of a shoplifter, it will also allow you to position staff close to the exit to interrupt the progress of anyone who may have set off the security tagging system.
    • If you suspect there are blind spots within the store, away from the eyes of your staff and CCTV cameras, then making use of mirrors and lighting will deter a shoplifter from hiding there.
    • Always keep shelving and displays stacked low for increased visibility.
    • Any expensive or small items should be kept in locked cabinets.
    • If you have any dressing rooms as part of the retail set-up, limit/track the number of items taken in there by customers. Better still, security tagging can provide a great deterrent when it comes to fitting room theft.
  • Placing signs around the store can work as great visual deterrents. They place a thought in the mind of a shoplifter (much like the presence of staff) that they’re being watched or that there are security systems in place to prevent them going through with their intentions. It’s likely that some potential shoplifters may be put off by this and instead look for targets that don’t give them these feelings. Some may still go through with it, of course, but the signs – like the rest of these steps – work as barriers against shoplifting and if you put as many barriers up as you can, you will likely experience a trouble-free store.

Protect Your Store With Security Tagging From Tagmax

If you are indeed looking to improve the security of your store, protecting your all-important stock, then the team here at Tagmax can help.

For over 20 years, we have been supplying security devices, such as security tagging, to businesses of all sizes and industries – whether they’re amongst the biggest names in the retail game or a small, local trader, looking to make their mark.

Our security tags can be attached to a wide range of stock items – from soft clothing items, to packaging and warehousing materials. No matter your requirements, we are able to create a bespoke solution for your store.

Please take a look around our website for further information about our services. If you would like to learn more, then why not get in touch with our retail security experts? Give us a call on 0800 044 3160 or send an e-mail to us at

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