The 9-most stolen items from UK retailers

Posted on 30 Sep 2016
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Shoplifting has a huge impact on a retailer's profits - the cost of retail theft accounted for over £613m of profits lost last year. Even though in the biggest of stores, the amount of money lost can still be hard-hitting, for the smaller stores, the loss can prove to be a critical difference between staying in business, or not.

Aside from losing profits on their stock, building up areputation as a store that is regularly stolen from, will only harm theirfuture prospects. For one, it will be known as somewhere where shoplifterstarget, giving people an excuse to go and shop somewhere else – and secondly,it'll become a target of more shoplifters who know that the store will be aneasy target.

If you run a retail store, then a great way to reduce thechances in which you become a victim of these growing statistics, is byinstalling modern and effective security in your store, which include a pedestal security system.

The most-stolen items from retailers

With the availability of security systems, people whoshoplift have perhaps become wiser to those retailers who employ good security,to those who don't. Items that are regularly stolen are generally items thatcan be placed into pockets or a bag. According to research undertaken by the National Centreof Research some of top items stolen from retailers are;

1. Alcohol. Expensive spirits such as whisky, vodka and rum-based drinks are regularly a target due to their growing popularity. Beer and cider are also routinely stolen.

2. Cosmetics. The more expensive of perfumes, make-up, skin creams etc are regular targets, due to their size and availability on the shelves of a store.

3. Razors/Shaving accessories. Once upon a time, these types of products were regular occupiers of the number 1 spot, but because they are kept behind counters and regularly watched by staff, they have become somewhat more challenging to steal. Still, however they figure highly simply because they small and lightweight enough to fit into a pocket.

4. Clothing accessories. Small, expensive and desirable things are stolen, which include handbags, earrings, scarves, hats etc. Like general clothing and alcohol, you'll notice that these items are routinely tagged by stores – this is because they employ a pedestal security system that helps to detect when one of these expensive items is taken through the exit of a store.

5. Coffee. The popularity of coffee has spawned a number of fashionable and expensive brands which have since become new targets for shoplifters.

6. Meat and cheese. Again, with the availability of these products in stores and their ability to be neatly tucked away, it's no surprise to see them on this list. A particular favourite for shoplifters to steal includes the most-expensive of cheeses.

7. Electrical goods and their accessories, which include headphones, data sticks, health and beauty products (shavers, toothbrushes etc) and even batteries, are also regularly stolen.

8. Smartphones. With mobile phone technology constantly on the increase, they make quite the prized asset for any shoplifter.

9. Branded clothing and sports fashions, including smart casual wear, health and fitness gear, sports kits – they all make ideal items to steal, simply because they can be taken into a changing room, 'tried on' and taken away.

How can a pedestal system help?

Designed to be fitted by the doors and exits of a store, a pedestal security system is designed to prevent shoplifting by sensing tags that have been placed on products, to prevent them being taken through the area in which the pedestals are installed. If an item with a tag is taken through – a security alarm will sound alerting your security team to a theft. It's been found that theft from retailers will be significantly reduced when they have a pedestal installed at their exits.

Keep your business safe with Tagmax

We are proud to stock a wide range of security systems that are designed to protect your business. Working with electronic tags that can be placed inside or outside a product's packaging, pedestal systems represent a great opportunity to prevent shoplifting. For more information on this or any of our other retail security systems services, please don't hesitate

Contact us If you would like to book a consultation, or if you have any questions or queries, please contact us by calling 0800 044 3160, or use the form below.

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