When you are running a business, it is important to consider the feelings of your customers. If they feel uncomfortable in any way, then this will have an adverse effect on their decision-making process when purchasing from or visiting your store – after all, we want every single person who comes through our doors feeling appreciated.

But the threat of shoplifting and theft remains a concern – so how do you strike the right balance between the two?

A pedestal security system will be an ideal remedy. Installed at the entrance/exit of a store, they're designed to sense electronic tags that have been placed on products.When taken through the area that the system is patrolling, an alarm will sound. They are a time-honoured retail security measure for one simple reason – they work!

Here, we're going to explore the benefits of security tagging systems, explaining why retail stores should at least consider installing their own.

The Benefits of Pedestal Security Systems

They're a deterrent against theft.

The presence of a pedestal security systemis always a deterrent. With security tags being omnipresent in today's world, its heightening awareness will make anyone who might consider stealing think twice about going through with their plan.

The primary function of most anti-theft systems nowadays isn't just detection, but also deterring those looking at stealing products by making them hesitate long enough so that the chances are lessened even further. The sight of a pedestal by the doors is often enough to put them off.

They're easy to operate.

The great thing about operating a security tagging system is that they are easy to use but without the accompanying removal device for the tags, it can be difficult removing them. Tags come invarious types and sizes depending on what you need protection for (electronics, clothing, alcohol perfume, etc) and all take a matter of seconds to attach and deactivate. This allows staff to deal with the stocking and sales of product sefficiently, which can only further help customer service.

They help improve staff safety.

Pedestal systems are an excellent way of deterring shoppers from stealing merchandise. This takes much pressure off store staff, who no longer need to worry about constant monitoring while they're out on their primary role-freeing up valuable time for more important tasks!

They are great for customer service.

With competition being somewhat high inretail, price reductions and promotions are regularly brought out in the raceto get ahead. Often, it's the in-store experience that customers value – and great customer service is key. Any empty shelves that are caused because of security measures, theft or poor productivity can be put down to poor customer service. With pedestal security systems, the priority of the store can switch from ensuring they have the right security in place, to improving customer service; ensuring that shelves are stocked and staff are around to answer questions from customers.

If you're interested in learning more about pedestal systems, security tags or retail security in general, why not consider getting in touch with our team today? We have many years of experience increating custom installation jobs for clients across the UK – see our case studies as an example of this.

Improve Your Retail Security, With Tagmax.

At Tagmax, we work with some of the most innovative and well-respected security device manufacturers and as a result, can present a wide range of different products that will allow you to create your ideal security infrastructure. Regardless of if you're looking for clothing security tags or any other type of retail security, we can advise and supply you with whatever you need.

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