Bournemouth Oceanarium

Upgrading Bournemouth Oceanarium's Security Systems

Bournemouth Oceanarium is a renowned marine wildlife attraction located in Bournemouth. Offering a diverse array of marine life exhibits, it serves as both an educational and entertaining destination for visitors of all ages. As part of its commitment to providing a seamless and secure experience for guests, the Oceanarium sought to upgrade its security system.

The Challenge

Having previously installed a 3 x pedestal security system a decade ago, our team at Tagmax faced the task of replacing this outdated system with modern technology. The project involved retrofitting the security infrastructure, particularly focusing on enhancing merchandise protection within the souvenir shop.

Client's Requirements

The Oceanarium's primary requirement was to install three Optimum pedestals, replacing the aging system that had been in place for over ten years. It was imperative for the new system to seamlessly integrate into the existing infrastructure while providing enhanced security measures.

The Project Execution

The Tagmax team approached the project with precision and expertise, opting for a pedestal-based security system. Given the retrofit nature of the installation, meticulous planning was essential to ensure a seamless integration process. We employed a discreet chase between each pedestal, meticulously filling the gaps with silicone filler to maintain aesthetic integrity.

Furthermore, all cables were meticulously run through conduits discreetly along a sidewall, leading up to the power supply located in the soffit. The installation commenced promptly at 7 am, leveraging efficient workflows and coordinated efforts. Despite the complexities of the retrofit, our team managed to complete the installation by 11:30 am, ensuring minimal disruption to the Oceanarium's operations.

The Result:

With the new Optimum Pedestals seamlessly integrated into the Oceanarium's security infrastructure, the souvenir shop's merchandise was effectively protected, enhancing overall safety and peace of mind for both the management and visitors.

Choose Tagmax for Efficient Retail Security Solutions

Our expert team's effective implementation not only met the security requirements of the Oceanarium but also demonstrated our dedication to providing customised solutions with minimal inconvenience.

Opt for Tagmax today for bespoke security solutions that prioritise functionality and aesthetic appeal. For further information, contact us via phone at 07770 870 875 or email at

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