Classic Football Shirts Manchester

Strengthening Security Measures in Manchester


Classic Football Shirts, a renowned establishment in Manchester, specialises in the sale of football memorabilia, including present, past, and replica shirts. As a popular destination for football enthusiasts, safeguarding their valuable inventory against theft is paramount.
Having already protected their first store in London, Classic Football Shirts sought to reinforce security measures in their Manchester location. They required a robust security solution to deter theft and ensure the safety of their valuable merchandise.

Tagmax's Solution:

Our expert team crafted a customised solution for Classic Football Shirts by deploying our cutting-edge Optimum system to address the their security needs effectively.
The solution comprised the following elements:

  1. Single Pedestal Install: We installed a single pedestal covering the entrance, strategically positioned to monitor foot traffic and deter theft effectively.
  2. AM Pedestal System: The chosen system incorporated an Acousto-Magnetic (AM) pedestal, renowned for its reliability and effectiveness in detecting theft attempts. To seamlessly integrate with the store's aesthetics, our Tagmax team opted for an industrial look, utilising black copex trunking.
  3. Concealed Wiring: To maintain a clean and professional appearance, all cables were discreetly routed using black flexi conduit, ensuring minimal visual impact on the store's ambiance.


The implementation of our Optimum system yielded immediate results, meeting and exceeding the client's expectations. With the installation completed seamlessly, Classic Football Shirts now enjoys enhanced security measures, safeguarding their valuable inventory effectively at their Manchester location. They have expressed utmost satisfaction with the solution, emphasising their confidence in our ability to deliver robust security solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

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Tagmax's collaboration with Classic Football Shirts in Manchester showcases our teams dedication to delivering inventive security solutions tailored to the distinct requirements of retail enterprises, guaranteeing defence against potential risks.

For businesses looking to enhance their security measures while maintaining compatibility with existing inventory, our comprehensive solutions offer a compelling choice.

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