Coral Reef Waterworld In Bracknell

How We Installed A Security Tagging Solution In Bracknell For Coral Reef Waterworld

The Client.

Coral Reef Waterworld is a popular family leisure pool, situated on Nine Mile Ride and is part of the ‘Everyone Active’ chain. The pool prides itself on offering unparalleled customer service and that the experiences of their visitors are ones not to forget. With the pool offering an on-site shop for visitors to acquire swimming accessories, shop security was at the forefront of their plans when thinking about a re-fit of their existing store.

Seeking to improve security during a store refit, Coral Reef requested the addition of two new systems to their existing three systems. Having already protected seven of Everyone Active’s locations, we were their first choice to fit out their new store, and we quickly got to work.

The Project & Solution.

To safeguard products such as swimwear and goggles, we installed two standard Optimum systems at the main foyer entrance. The installation process involved intricate coordination with the contractors to ensure a seamless transition. Initially, the existing systems were removed and reinstalled at different times, followed by the installation of the two new systems. Additionally, the floor had to be chased to accommodate the placement of the new systems.

Our single pedestal ‘Optimum’ system is an acousto-magnetic system has outstanding detection which allows for superb tracking of tags and reduces the number of false alarms. Its integrated system can even be equipped with features such as people counting, metal detection and magnet detection.

While the installation of the Optimum system followed Tagmax's standard procedures, effective communication and collaboration with the contractors played a pivotal role in its successful execution. The system was installed with precision, enabling the client to enhance their security measures during the store refit.

As Coral Reef continues to thrive, we remain committed to providing reliable security solutions and as such, we have offered a potential maintenance agreement to further support the client if they so need it.

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