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Upgrading Point of Sale System for Country Ways - Aberdeen


Country Ways, located in Aberdeen, is a reputable country store specialising in outdoor pursuits, catering to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, particularly those involved in equestrian activities. This establishment is known for its wide range of products, including items tailored for horses and other outdoor gear. This project marks the second collaboration between Country Ways and our team.

The objective of this project was to upgrade the existing Point of Sale (POS) system from 66khz to AM technology. Additionally, the client expressed a desire to incorporate adhesive labels into the system for improved inventory management and customer service.

Project Scope:

We proposed the installation of a single pedestal Optimum system to replace the outdated technology. The upgrade involved implementing a master/slave pedestal configuration to accommodate the client's requirements seamlessly. The installation was scheduled to be completed before the store's opening hours to minimise disruption to business operations.


The upgrade process involved several key steps:

  • Assessment: Our team conducted a thorough assessment of the existing POS system to identify compatibility issues and necessary upgrades.
  • System Configuration: We configured the single pedestal Optimum system to meet the specific needs of Country Ways, ensuring seamless integration with the existing infrastructure.
  • Hardware Installation: The installation of the master/slave pedestal was carried out efficiently, with meticulous attention to detail to ensure optimal performance.
  • Software Integration: We integrated the adhesive label functionality into the upgraded system, providing the client with enhanced inventory management capabilities.
  • Testing and Training: Prior to completion, rigorous testing was conducted to validate the functionality of the upgraded system. Additionally, comprehensive training was provided to the client's staff to ensure smooth transition and effective utilisation of the new features.


The upgrade project was executed seamlessly, with minimal disruption to the client's business operations. Upon completion, Country Ways expressed utmost satisfaction with the upgraded POS system. The incorporation of adhesive labels has significantly improved inventory management, enabling the client to streamline processes and enhance customer service.

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